Ill-Informed And Sexist, ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’ Is Not The Gay Love Story We Wanted

In a pre-release interview of good luck more carefulAyushmann Khurrana made an innocent mistake. In the interview, the National Award winning actor said that he feels proud that India has legalized same-sex marriages. When, in fact, India does not yet legally recognize same-sex marriages. Khurrana immediately apologized, and India’s gay community decided not to be anal about it. Everything is fine.

But wait. What is this?

In a key scene in the film, police officers raid a house where two gay men are about to take Ferrous, This is before the landmark 2018 SC ruling that decriminalized same-sex sex. Apparently, the police officer says that the men need to be arrested because it is illegal to be gay in India. The official claims that same-sex marriage is illegal in India.

True, but some improvements.

It was never illegal to be gay in India, as any person who identifies himself or herself as a gay Indian will attest. This means, even if you are wearing (or wearing) a T-shirt shouting ‘I AM GAY’, no one can arrest you. Gay sex was illegal in India. This is no longer the case after the landmark 2018 Supreme Court ruling. Gay marriages are still not legally recognized in our country, as stated above. but you can take Ferrous With whatever you want. Change the garland too. to request Vermilion Feather demand Anyone (with consent), if you wish. No one has the legal right to stop you. But your marriage will not get legal recognition. This means that the law will not see you as the husband (or wife) of your same sex partner.

Before this becomes a rant about queer rights in India, let me clarify a few things. It’s a given that no one will mention good luck more careful, which is being billed as India’s first mainstream gay love story as a landmark document of the gay rights movement in India. Director Hitesh Kewalya and the lead actor himself have claimed that it is just a comedy about homophobia. Which, to be very fair, it is. But can a comedy, based on the legality of sexual orientation in a country, not do its homework properly? While this is never explicitly stated, there are plenty of scenes that suggest that the filmmakers actually believe that the landmark 2018 verdict had some bearing on the legality of same-sex marriage in India. who didn’t do it!

Oof. Now that it’s off my chest, let’s talk about the movie. , best thing about good luck more careful It is that it is a Bollywood film, which, consciously, is not homophobic. It features two (presumably) straight men acting straight gay men. Something that many queer people would point to as intrinsic homosexuality, but we will no longer share hair. This is India, here, Karan Johar has to camp it out and steal Vicky Kaushal and Varun Dhawan’s pants to tickle the laughter from the boredom crowd of Filmfare.

Both Karthik (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Aman (Jitendra Kumar) are given the dignity of being the lead players of their own love story, which is no minor feat I must add.

By the time we meet them, they are already in love. They are already leading a middle class existence in some neighborhoods of Delhi, selling toothpaste in a mall. They help a friend escape and then board a train to attend Aman’s cousin’s wedding in Allahabad.

It is not an Ayushmann Khurrana film, if at least 20 percent of it is not set in a city with a population of less than 50 lakhs. A type of sweet Boxes exchange hands, Marigold scattered around and secret sips of wine are taken. Thus, a small-town, middle-class marriage is established. Within minutes, the snogging gay couple is discovered and mild drama ensues. Father Gajraj Rao is furious, but he is also a repressed middle-class Indian man, so he can’t get out right. The mother, Neena Gupta, is happy to deliver the one-liners, which we now look forward to delivering from mothers of Ayushmann Khurrana films. There are clever analogies about husbands running on “half a battery” and sister-in-laws as useless as buckets in this day and age of pumps.

but unlike Congratulations!Where Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta both seem to have exactly the same meaning they so charmingly said, in Parenthood good luck more careful It seems that just bored. There is no other way to describe it. They argue with each other and joke around at the wrong time, all within the parameters of their familiar comedic personality. You can almost believe that his characters might actually be married. But watching him adjust to his son’s sexual orientation is such a boring exercise.

The lead pair, the heart of a love story, were equally bored with each other.

Ayushmann is needy, likeable and a bit hysterical. Jitendra is impatient and worried. Together they are painfully awkward. We don’t know why they like each other. We don’t know who they are. And we just don’t care.

Also, apart from Neena Gupta, most of the other female characters in the film receive briefs. So much so that one is almost tempted to call their respective arcs sexist. There is a cousin, Maanvi Gagroo, whose sole purpose in life is to get married. What she laughs at is because of the desperation shown towards that goal in her life. Yes, there is nothing more funny than Kevalya, a woman who firmly believes that marriage is the only way out of a bad situation.

The other leading female character is Aman’s fiancée, played by Pankhuri Awasthi, a scheming woman who wants to marry a gay man so that she can run away with her mother’s jewellery. Yes, we are still doing that.

There are a lot of comedies these days like Ayushmann Khurrana, good luck more careful Seems pretty intuitive to consider a proper scripting tutorial. As a result, it ends up as a one-line idea spread over a two-hour film. It doesn’t help that it’s also saddled with the essentials of the genre – parents, an assortment of crazy relatives, the small-town setting and Tanishk Bagchi soundtrack. The film is not too sure about its queue. As a result, it ends up being that every gay person has a well-meaning but lazy friend who believes it is their duty to establish that with your other gay friend.

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*Written in consultation with Kaushik Gupta, Advocate, Kolkata High Court


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