Why Isn’t John Oliver’s Latest Episode That Criticises PM Modi & CAA Streaming In India?

India’s largest streaming app, Hotstar, which is also India’s link for HBO originals, has halted the release of the latest episode on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. In the episode, which appeared on the show’s official YouTube channel on Monday afternoon and should start streaming on Hotstar from 6am on Tuesday, Oliver slammed the Honorable Prime Minister for calling him a ‘temporary symbol of hate’.

The episode also examines some of the radical policies of the Modi government, such as demonetisation and the CAA, yet the latter inspired nationwide protests.

There is intense speculation as to why Hotstar hasn’t uploaded the episodes to its streaming service even 30 hours after its scheduled release. bloomberg quinte noted how blocking the episode could be a direct result of the less-than-friendly tone in which it talks about PM Modi, the CAA protests ahead of Trump’s visit.

In the segment, Oliver says the following: “Modi may have charmed Bear Grylls, the world, and our current president, in India he is an increasingly controversial figure as his government pursued increasingly persecution of religious minorities It added that “the only glimmer of hope here is that perhaps for the first time in Modi’s entire career, his actions are generating a massive and sustained response.”

This isn’t the first time a streaming service has been accused of succumbing to political pressure—Amazon routinely censors controversial content about cows, beef, it even removed an episode of CBS. madam secretary To refer to the role Hindu nationalism played in India’s occupied Kashmir. Even Netflix removed an episode of Hasan Minhaj Patriot ActWhich was a sharp criticism of Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince.

After dropping on his official YouTube channel, the John Oliver segment has already garnered five million views in 48 hours. Despite multiple requests for comments through multiple publications, Hotstar has still not made a statement to clarify the missing episode.


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