A look at 3DSEN – An NES emulator that adds a new dimension Game Download

3Dsen is another NES emulator in a long line of NES emulators.  This one comes with a unique twist though.  The author of the emulator has profiles for each supported game to allow the game to be played with 3D effects patched into the game.  This adds a layer of depth that needs to be seen to be believed.  There’s no new gameplay, everything controls just as it always has, but this makes those sprites pop and adds a whole new experience to the NES games we are familiar with.  Below is a collection of screenshots.

There are two versions.  The first standard version just requires your PC and displays everything on your monitor.  There is also a VR version that lets you use a VR headset if you own one to give the games even more depth and perspective.  This is a paid emulator, but I feel it’s one of the few out there right now that’s worth the cost of entry.  It creates an entirely new experience.  You can find a list of supported games at https://steamcommunity.com/app/954280/discussions/0/1643170903498517164/.  Some standouts include Contra, Mega Man 1 through 3, Super Mario 1 and 3, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Gradius.  As of now there are over 80 NES games supported with a few more being added every so often.  There’s also an active community that makes unofficial expansions to support games not on the official list.

A look at 3DSEN – An NES emulator that adds a new dimension

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