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Zane has some wacky things going on. This isn’t his strongest card, but it gives you an idea of his pranks. For 0 actions, he gets a random card from the bank (which are better than starting deck cards, so it probably helps him) but the opponent gets some bad card. It’s hard to say exactly what type of card, if any, will be in the trash pile, because there are a lot of different effects that put cards there. Chances are it will be a wound or a starting deck card. Something bad. While this effect is minor, it’s annoying that Zane can do this every few turns at basically no cost to him. That said…what you should really be worried about are his other cards, which you can look up on your own.

There’s more to all these characters, but that should give you a good idea of their variety and how they all push you to play in different ways.


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