Retronator // You know I can’t resist to talk about a… Game Download

You know I can’t resist to talk about a point-and-click adventure, even if I don’t finish nearly as many of them as I enthusiastically support on crowdfunding platforms.

Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard is the latest such gem, developed as a passion project over the last 4 years by the german solo dev Hans a.k.a. WatchDaToast. His pixel art skills and affinity for Saturday morning cartoons are self-evident, and what is great about this project is that it’s pretty much done. It’s aimed to release at the end of this year, with most of the remaining effort and the call for funding going into a fully-voiced experience in both English and German.

If you want to help make this dream come true and get a copy of the game on release, give Hans at least $23 over at Kickstarter. And if you’re not sure yet, first play the demo on Itch (Windows, Linux), and then do what’s good for you.

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