Strategy Can Be Fun on our own DRAGON BRIDGE – KEITH BURGUN GAMES Game Download

Today Brett Lowey and I discuss DRAGON BRIDGE, my two player bumping card game. It’s a weird game for me, in a bunch of ways. For one thing, it was my first published tabletop game. But also, I produced it in a ridiculously short amount of time. That makes it even more… strange and interesting, how fun it is. Recently, Dragon Bridge has gotten a second chance at life via its superb BoardGameArena adaptation (by the way, it just went into Beta, so you can play it now yourself – let’s go!!!), and many of us in the KBGames community have been playing a bunch, and it has been a blast. It’s wild how well the game has held up.

The discussion about this game of course leads Brett and I into a bunch of other conversations about playfulness and optimal ways to go about a game design process. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Strategy Can Be Fun on our own DRAGON BRIDGE

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