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BOWEN’S HEART offers a deeply sensitive perspective on how chronic illness affects an entire family. In this feature-length documentary film, Bowen (then eight-year-old) struggles through his third major open-heart surgery with the hope that the surgery could improve his life and the knowledge that it could make things a lot worse. is even worse.

says co-director Read Lexi And read zach of the film, which will be Released on digital on July 14“We believe in the power of films to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and develop greater empathy and connection in audiences. Exploring a family facing life-changing surgery, which means, fears, hopes , and all the tension in between, is something we believe helps shed light on an experience that not many people live through.

However, this experience is not at all rare as 1 in 110 babies is born with congenital heart disease each year, ranging from mild cases to severe. I, Lexi, have experienced this personally with my child, and because of my experience, I have seen so many families go through this life of fear and horror with hospitalizations, surgeries, and every echocardiogram, Hope and pray that this will be a good report. Many children face their surgeries bravely and with the hope that they can live their childhoods to the fullest. And many children live a full childhood thanks to the advancement of modern science and the talents of those in the field who work tirelessly in operating rooms, ICUs, clinics and research.

The story of the Hammitt family sheds light on the experience of not only the child, but also the parents and siblings, after living in the realm of congenital heart disease for nine years. It is a complex and nuanced story of moving forward into the wild unknown.

With a potentially life-changing event on the distant horizon, families and their dynamics surfaced in a way that one doesn’t get to see very often—the tension, love, vulnerability, fear, and bond that they share. These elements are the heart of the film and we believe that anyone can relate to the world of congenital heart disease regardless of their connection.

Because of this, we tried to explore those dynamics with techniques like camera placement, scene structure, and character development. Portraying those untold emotions in a story like this was a welcome challenge, and one that we believe is the only subject this film has to deal with.

Our greatest hope is that each audience member can identify with some aspect of the characters, their relationships, their struggles along the way, and be aware of the story of a family suffering from a chronic illness and what they are facing. Can build bridges and create sympathy in the audience even after the film is over. ,

film theme, bowen hammitt, released their first single “Heart Strong” in 2019, and it has been streamed over 200,000 times. Bowen’s story has been featured on ABC Nightly News and Good Morning America.

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