‘Halloween: Resurrection’ 20 Years Later – Why the 2002 Sequel Remains a Franchise Low Point

Halloween: Resurrection Upon its unseasonal release in July 2002 it opened to poor reviews. Critics bothered to assess the sequel, being sure to criticize the film despite no advance screening. “The audience will actually sit in front of the screen with their mouths open, not screaming but yawning,” said new York TimesAnd Entertainment Weekly This is called a “comment”. However, the most telling reviews came after Halloween Co-creator of the franchise. When remembering “with all the cameras in that house” John Carpenter said in 2018, “Oh my God, my God, my God.” So it should come as no surprise that the general opinion Resurrection Hardly has changed over the years.

Nothing sets fans off to horror like the murder of a legacy character, but the decision to bump Laurie Strode was made before. Resurrection was written. late producer Mustafa Akkado Determined Michael Myers could not be killed, so the original plan Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Being The Shape’s swan song, there was a lot Jamie Lee Curtis‘ Restless. A creative solution allowed both Laurie and the audience to think that Michael was dead in the end. h20 —and none of the footage in the actual film can suggest differently — yet in the inevitable sequel, Curtis tells his character to come back and be killed. So, that disgusting opening sequence Resurrection Was always going to happen.

Putting aside the much-anticipated explanation of how Michael escaped that catharsis — Laurie killed an innocent man wearing Michael’s mask — her and Laurie’s final confrontation isn’t even the worst part. Resurrection, Curtis intended to create a darker story for Laurie when she first approached Carpenter and Debra Hill about the twentieth anniversary of the 1978 film. The studio finally dialed that darkness down h20, but what Curtis had in mind found its way into the sequel. The opening scene puts a new slant on the survivor’s guilt, and those first fifteen minutes account for Rick RosenthalMost consistent direction in the entire film. Here’s a good idea about the eternal conflict between the Ultimate Girls and their enemies, and the inevitable outcome of said fight. The result here is not desirable from a fan’s point of view, although it is a conclusive, if not controversial, way of passing the torch from one generation to the next.

The big challenge after such a risky venture was keeping the audience still feeling invested, even when Laurie was out of the picture. And Resurrection Thought going back to the origins of evil would do the trick. The story completely breaks off the personal connection with Michael, and in place of some other unfortunate relative, the sequel provides random fodder who accidentally enter the old Myers house as part of some horrific attempt at entertainment. . Michael hacking into various people roaming his ancestral home and other haunts looks like something Halloween young adult novelBut Resurrection Adds a modern touch.

Despite all its obvious failures, Resurrection Achieves a share of success with its unusual setup. Prologue to a year after Laurie’s passing, the film focuses on an internet stunt set inside the childhood home of Michael Myers. On Halloween Night, six college students along with the makers of “Dangertainment” are taken inside Heddenfield’s most infamous home. And from behind their computer screens, viewers watch in both joy and awe, asking themselves whether it’s real or not.

By 2002, reality television was on its way to becoming a permanent, not to mention disgusting, part of people’s daily lives. Not enough outlets were willing to openly combat the format’s potential loss, but horror was on the frontline, emphasizing how confusing and tragic some reality TV is. whereas Resurrection was definitely beaten to the punch by an indie slasher colobos, the inclusion of the craze-made fixture is remarkable, especially in a big-studio production. The film was also far beyond the true-crime obsession of recent years, and the digital cameras worn by the characters could be seen again if Halloween Ever wanted to make a found-footage entry.

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Unfortunately, once indoors, it becomes completely obvious Resurrection There is neither a sense of identity, nor any solid reason to exist, other than to make easy money from a popular IP. One after another, the caricatures meet their ends with the hands of Michael before the last standing, unmatched Sarah (bianca cajlicho), will have to take charge. She is not alone at all; Helps in the form of high school catfish (Ryan Merriman) which provides him with a cyberlink to the outside world, and Freddy (Busta Rhymes) character goes far beyond his producer role to live out his martial-arts fantasy. The rapper-turned-actor is getting a lot of criticism for his character, but in all honesty, Rhimes’ performance is what stands out for this film.

Halloween has become a “choose your own adventure” franchise; Michael Myers’ story has been modified significantly where a chart is almost necessary to keep everything straight. Of all the continuity branches, however, this duality is the most unequal. And between two installments, h20 was made better and received better; And was it self-contained, a direct sequel to Steve Miner’s Halloween II Would have been a great way to end Laurie and Michael’s story. Despite any minor flaws and pre-arranged rearrangements, h20 least It seemed that Halloween Thin layer. ResurrectionOn the other hand, there is a lack of heart. Across the board, Michael’s travels have always had some sort of destination. During this, larry brand And Sean HoodThe script stabs indiscriminately in the dark, hoping to hit something at the end.

Timing and reenactment can turn over-hatred horror films into cult classics. Not everything will resonate the first time around, and too many critical failures become more likable and relevant afterward. Reenactment has certainly worked wonders for some of the most horrifying horrors, but Resurrection It probably won’t be enjoying a major significant turnaround anytime soon. The needle on this controversial sequel has barely moved an inch in a positive direction after two decades.

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