Happy Birthday to My Sister!!!!!

It’s my sister’s birthday! She is 38 years old today, 9 months pregnant, and absolutely pathetic! It’s not like her life sucks, just that she’s 9 months pregnant and it’s summer and apparently that means everything hurts all the time.

When my sister was born in 1983, heat waves and drought conditions were recorded throughout the midwestern US. Before he brought his little one home, my dad went out and bought The Last Window Air Conditioner in Chicago, a big thing he dropped in the window of the front room and then through the rest of the hallway to bring cool air I installed fans. apartment. Luckily, the heat broke as soon as my sister started crawling, because a row of fans on the floor isn’t crawling-baby-safe.

chicago beach the month she was born

We had another hot summer when I was one and my sister was 3. Our parents bought a small inflatable pool and set it up on their back deck and stripped us naked and submerged us in it until our little one’s temperature dropped.

When we were growing up, it seemed like the hottest part of summer always came when we were visiting the lake house with Grandma and Grandpa for two weeks. We solved this problem by staying in the lake as much as possible. One of the best summers was the year when we attached a rope from one end of the pier to the other so that we could swim in an inner tube without doing anything and hold the rope so that we would not float away.

The best inner tube was the actual inner tube, the old inner part of the tractor tire, the rubber that smelled like rubber and the big inflation tube stuck to your foot, but they were huge and strong.

It must have been even hotter when we went to visit our other grandparents, they lived south of St. Louis, but it never got hot there. They had a huge yard with an apple tree we could climb on, and lots and lots of soil, and a screen in the porch with a cool concrete floor that you could put on when it was hot, and weird things. A big basement full of my grandmother’s canned apple sauce, and old clown equipment. There was a time when we’d spend all day playing “mud” (that is, digging mud and making things out of it and leaving them to bake in the sun) and when adults came out and saw us, Poppy scooped us up and Took us in and threw us in the big utility room sink so we could wash clothes and all.

Look, Missouri has such red soil. So if you use your fingernails and dig deep enough, you’ll find cool stuff that you can mold into all kinds of shapes.

After college, we started the tradition of Soral Summer Road Trips. They were the best, because we could be in our nice air conditioned cool car, and then walk around and do stuff till we got tired, and then go to a nice air conditioned motel. We went on different trips, all through Missouri, and to Memphis, and through Maine. We saw lots of cool stuff (Bythville, Arkansas, the best barbecue you’ll ever eat and a greyhound bus museum!) or spent the night sitting in the motel room watching a movie.

See this line of cars? Totally legit, the best BBQ I’ve ever had.

Since the nephew and the pandemic almost got together, I don’t think we’ve seen each other over the summer? May is the closest I’ve been to before the nephew arrives when I went out for a last-minute “you’re sad and lonely and pregnant, I’ll come with you for a weekend” trip. But then there was really no heat, it was just pleasant. But now, summer travel time again!

Just like 38 years ago, my sister is preparing for the arrival of a baby boy in the scorching heat. I don’t remember when was the last time I saw a picture of a nephew in clothes, apparently he just walks around in diapers from morning till night and nothing else. I think Tiny Baby will do this until it’s cool. And they’d set up a series of fans to attract the heat, and Tiny Baby would wear the same incense that my sister wore, which her older brother also wore, to keep the sun out of her little eyes, and 38 years from now my sister will think (like my mom is thinking today) “Wow, that was a tough and wonderful time when the sun was shining brighter than ever”.

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