Efficient Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

If you’re in college, chances are you must write at least a couple of essays a year. There’s no way around it except to try your best to write a decent paper to maintain your grades. But what happens when you’re not gifted in the writing department?

High schools don’t dedicate a long training period for essay writing, and students pick things along the way. Nonetheless, this improvisation method isn’t suitable for essential papers like undergraduate, master’s, or even PhD-level essays.

So, it’s easy to understand why many students type queries like essay writing, write my essay cheap, or buy an essay. Online help agencies ensure that your paper is well-written and worthy of a good grade. Also, it helps reduce the time spent researching, writing, and revising.

But relying on others to write your paper isn’t always beneficial. You might have written tests, special projects, and other activities that won’t allow you to rely on essay writers. Also, as a student, your budget might force you to write your own essays. So, here are a few practical ways to improve your essay writing skills.


The simplest thing you can do to improve your writing is to read. Books, news, other essays, and blogs are excellent sources of knowledge. You can learn so much from online writing articles, and you might get inspired.

Moreover, you can learn better grammar and expressions that help you tell a story efficiently.

If you’re not a big reader, you can focus on reading essays on your subject. This practice might help you learn possible structures for your papers and how to use data, infographics, or articulate your arguments.

You might wish to note down the new elements you notice and read them when writing.

Focus on a thesis

Many students have trouble writing essays because they don’t know where to start. Their papers lead nowhere, and they’re confused, vague, and lack depth. One of the reasons could be the absence of a thesis.

A thesis is the main argument of the paper. It’s the position you’re taking or what you’re trying to prove. This is the center of your essay. So, take your time finding your thesis, then connect everything to it.

Often your thesis might sound like the title of your paper and might answer the question,

“What’s your essay about?”
For instance, it could be “Why the world is heading towards remote work” or “Why lack of affection can lead to neurologic damage.”

Take your time

Rushing your essay isn’t ideal. You might skip all the essential steps and create a mediocre paper. Sure, postponing it until the very last minute is tempting but might stress you and make you lose sleep.

The key is organizing your deadlines on a calendar, physically or on your phone, to make sure you don’t forget:

  • Take at least a day to research
  • Two to five days to write it
  • Two for revising
  • Last day for delivering it

Invest in a writing app

A writing app focuses on correcting your:

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Tone
  • Spelling
  • Verbs
  • Clarity
  • Plagiarism

These elements are crucial to your essay, so it’s best to invest a couple of dollars monthly for a subscription to a service that corrects your essays.

Moreover, most apps have a space where you can directly write and store your papers.

It’s almost like having a tutor, professional essay writing service, or a writer to correct your article, but cheaper.

Buy a small dictionary

The only downside to a writing app is that, in most cases, you can’t really bring it to a test. Many teachers prefer their students to write on paper to prevent cheating. Nonetheless, they might allow a dictionary for consultation.

This is a great asset because you can check spellings, and new words and even have a few expressions noted in your dictionary.

Stop reading it for a bit

The brain can habitualized: once it gets used to something, it ignores it. So, your mistakes might become invisible because you’ve read them so many times.

The solution is to take your mind off your essay for at least a few hours. Then, when you get back to it, you’ll see all the slip-ups with your reset memory.

Ideally, it’s best to leave 24 hours to go by, but if you’re in a rush, take a few minutes to think about something completely different.


If you want to better your writing skills, start reading more essays to get inspired. Then, as you start your essay, focus on a thesis. Take your time writing, and don’t rush the process. You can invest in a writing app and a dictionary to help you correct your essay, but don’t forget to take a break from it.

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