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Due to unfortunate circumstances, Tsidi (kissed the kiss) and her daughter is forced to live with her mother, Mavis (nosifo metbe) Mavis works as a maid and general servant to someone she mostly refers to as Madam. She too lives there and even when she feels that her home is hers, she still has to follow certain rules, as do the rest of the family.

Angered by the way her mother lives, Tsidi becomes annoyed with her treatment and although Mavis says she is okay with it, it still plays on her mind. Especially since Mavis’ mother lived during apartheid, there was a time when Tsidi would naturally want to move on, but she realizes that the past still has ripples.

good madam Specifically for Shudder is a slow-burn psychological horror that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Director with a formula for what could have been a simple horror film Jenna Kato Bass able to talk about a side of South Africa that people outside the country may never consider.

Capturing your audience and presenting issues that are perhaps something that some might characterize as ‘elevated horror’ although good madam is just good story.

As Tsidi’s thoughts enter her head, she thinks she may be hallucinating. Images pop up in front of him and things start happening with his own body. It seems that Tsidi can be tamed.

However, between the creepy and shocking scenes there is a story that talks about the generational gap in South Africa and how the older generation was subject to apartheid and whether they liked it or not, some of them got used to it . It talks about the guilt that Tsidi’s generation feels about not being able to stop it and the fear of it coming back into their lives even before they realize it.

Kosa delivers a stellar performance and through Bass’s subtle direction, the story opens the audience’s mind to the reality behind a country that is still learning to heal. Good ma’am may not be the kind of thing you expect to see on Shudder, but it’s a rewarding experience.

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