‘Skill House’ – Hannah Stocking and “50 Cent” Join Horror Movie That Skewers Social Media Fame

social media personality Bryce Hall ready to star in a new horror movie titled skill housewith Josh Stolberg ,Spiral: From the Book of Saw) on board to direct, and wrap update today that tiktok star Hannah Stocking And Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Both have also signed.

The cast of the film also includes Paige Vanzant And Neil McDonough,

Being written and directed by Stolberg, skill house It is said to be “a dark satire of social media and influencer culture that explores how far people will go for online fame.”

The Wrap reports.skill house is being described as a saw-As breaks down into the phenomenon of social media fame and culture, presenting an unblemished portrayal of “pressure” and new insights into “influencers”, their fame and what they are willing to do to achieve it Investigate the incident.

“Just as this film is the first of a new genre of horror, social media celebrities like Bryce and Hannah are a new genre of celebrity,” Stolberg said in a statement to TheWrap. “We are breaking creative boundaries and career boundaries here. Hannah has dynamic talent and everything about the project is involved – internet fame and growth in the entertainment industry. We are thrilled to have him join our cast. ,

Steve Johnson ,Big Trouble in Little China, ghostbusters, a nightmare on elm street 4, return of the living dead 3, species, spider-man 2, the village) is handling the makeup effect.

skill house Comes courtesy of Ryan Kavanaugh’s Proxima Studio.

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