‘The Dead Girl in Apartment 03’ Trailer – ‘Friday the 13th’ Survivor Adrienne King Returns to Horror [Exclusive]

with halloween ends coming to theaters 14 OctoberWe’ve all been wondering when the marketing campaign will kick off, and it looks like next week will be the week.

Jamie Lee Curtis Tweeted a simple teaser on Twitter last night, including a pumpkin emoji with the date “7/20”. We can only assume that she’s talking about the first halloween ends The trailer that will likely bring Michael Myers back into our lives Wednesday, July 20,

As always, you’ll find it right here on Bloody Disgusting as it becomes available!

We don’t have any plot info yet, but its the end halloween kills Built towards the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael, a fight that will likely take center stage in the final installment of the trilogy. Last year’s movie ended with Michael (seemingly) ending Karen Strode’s life, so the battle between hero and villain is more personal than ever.

David Gordon Green recently teased that there would be a four-year jump from events the killing for the events endsAnd it is said to be more “intimate” and “contained”.

Nick CastleThe original Michael Myers recently noted that halloween ends would be a “surprising” conclusion for David Gordon Green‘new trilogy, while makeup effects artist Chris Nelson Likewise teased that the third installment in the trilogy is “weird” and “different.” And john carpenter Similarly in a recent interview called the new film “Departure”.

Carpenter composed the score for the third film with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davis.

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