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Don’t Make Me Go, a drama adventure film directed by Hannah Marx, focuses on the bond between Max Parks, a single father, and his teenage daughter, Wally Parks. In an effort to track down Wally’s estranged mother, who abandoned him years earlier, the former takes a reluctant Wally on a cross-country road trip to their 20th college reunion, after learning that he has Has a terminal brain tumor and his days are numbered. Max tries to teach Wally everything he needs to know for the rest of his life, including driving and everything he needs to know throughout the journey.

With heart-touching and gripping moments, the drama takes the audience on a journey that unravels the undying love of a father and daughter. Additionally, a strong ensemble cast, led by John Cho and Mia Isaacs, delivers outstanding performances that captivate audiences throughout. However, the constantly changing background locations will force you to consider the filming locations used to capture “Don’t Make Me Go”. Let us satisfy your curiosity by giving you all the necessary information about it.

Location for filming Don’t Make Me Go

The entire film, “Don’t Make Me Go”, was shot exclusively in Auckland and the Canterbury area, New Zealand. Primary photography of the Road Trip movie began in April 2021 and ended in July of the same year. Hannah Marks and the rest of her team do a great job of replicating an American landscape in New Zealand, despite the fact that the story unfolds on the roadways of several states in the United States. The exact locations mentioned in the drama movie are all listed in great detail here!

Territory of Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, one of New Zealand’s sixteen districts, serves as the location for a significant portion of the recording of “Don’t Make Me Go”. The Hauraki Gulf Islands, rural areas, small towns and the Auckland metropolitan area are all included in this area. The main scenes of the film were filmed at 23 Granville Drive, in the Macy suburb of Moire Park. Muriwai Beach on the west coast of the Auckland region and Twaranui Peninsula on the east coast of the northern Auckland Peninsula are both rumored to be important filming locations. Additional segments appear to have been shot in the Takapuna neighborhood.

Hannah Marks was questioned by Screen Rant in July about how she chose the locations for the film. In New Zealand, she said, “We actually shot at the end of winter in Auckland, which was very strange for an American summer road trip film. Luckily, I thought I had a pretty good idea of ​​what some of the country’s That’s how the regions looked to an American, so we tried to imitate them as much as we could.

But because they didn’t resemble American settings, there were occasions when not being able to film stunning New Zealand scenes was disappointing. So, it was a little difficult in that regard, but I believe we succeeded, and it helped that we had a fantastic local cast and crew, Marx said.

Territory of Canterbury, New Zealand

The production crew also flew to the Canterbury area of ​​New Zealand’s central-eastern South Island to record several key scenes for “Don’t Make Me Go”. The cast and crew used a few sites in Christchurch Central City, including the Christchurch Casino at 30 Victoria Street and the Christchurch Hospital complex at 2 Rickartan Avenue.

The crew also turned down an entire motorway in Christchurch for the film while setting up camp on one of the beaches to capture some beach scenes. Additionally, the production crew was seen filming several important scenes in the local government area of ​​the Mackenzie district of the Canterbury area during their shooting schedule.

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