Elaveezhapoonchira Review | A Layered Thriller With a Brilliant Soubin Shahir

The fascinating thing about Elavizapoonchira is how it reconstitutes a simplistic revenge drama into an engaging character-driven revenge thriller. Clever distractions from the plot and brilliant use of scenarios make Shahi Kabir’s Elavizapunchira an engrossing cinema with a brilliant level of screenplay. Soubin Shahir delivered a performance that is easily one of his best, Elavizapunchira definitely deserves your time.

The story is set in the backdrop of this mountain peak named Ilavizapunchira. Police officers are deputed there for duty to monitor things as it is of vital importance in wireless communication. Madhu, the main heroine of this film, is one such police officer. The film traces the events of the outskirts when a murder case gets attached to this place.

When you retell the whole story, it’s an easy formula for revenge. But writers Nidhi ji and Shaji Marad have reorganized it so effectively to explore it as a suspense thriller. The first half hour of the film introduces the characters and the scenario to the audience. A solitude and loneliness can be seen in Madhu’s character, and the location sets the mood for the film. At the end of the first half, we get a link to a second-place murder. From the very first scene of the second half, Shahi Kabir and team inspire us to invest our sympathies in a different direction. And that is what gives this film a survival drama tone. There are twists in the story of Elavizapunchira. But instead of being jarring, they try to be emotionally disturbing.

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Sobin Shahir, who has been receiving huge criticism over his character selection recently, returned with a stellar performance. He has played the character brilliantly, and the change in graph is extremely gentle. When you leave the whole story behind, every gesture he shows makes sense, and the performance will stick with us for all the good reasons. Sudhi Kopa’s performance in the second half of the film was really impressive. The belief in how Sudhi gets scared helps a lot in keeping the film that extra layer of a survival thriller.

In his debut as a director, Shahi Kabir opts for a treatment that justifies the mood of the script. He makes sure that the setting and its horror are subtly communicated to the viewer. We see an accident in the first part of the film, which shows what all the officers have to do in the line of duty. Several short tracks leading to the general conflict versus the police add up to the character details somewhere. And even the modest-sounding comic track when a senior police officer comes along gets a good support at a later stage. The cinematography is not trying to be overly appealing with its philosophy. Kiran Das’s slow-paced editing creates much-needed intrigue. The sound design of the film is also superb, which complements perfectly with Anil Johnson’s score.

Elavizapoonchira is a wonderful amalgamation of several cinematic elements. It has shades of a thriller and a character-driven drama. The narrative is such that it uses landscape to represent the emotional turmoil of its central character. With impressive craft in building the suspense element, Elavizapoonchira is 104 minutes of quality cinema.

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With impressive craft in building the suspense element, Elavizapoonchira is 104 minutes of quality cinema.

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