Sanjay Dutt: There’s insecurity between modern actors, I learnt from working with Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Sanjay Dutt never shy away from expressing his honest and candid opinion. Even if it’s not the most popular idea. Recently, during the promotions of Shamshera, ETimes asked the senior actor why the modern-day hero is not keen on starring in two hero films. Sanjay Dutt has acted in films like Khalnayak, Chal Mere Bhai and others.

Speaking on this, Dutt revealed, “I don’t know what has happened nowadays, but I think it’s the insecurities between them. The 90s saw some amazing movies where we all played each other. supported us. We played our part and learned more.” He cited examples of working with superiors of his time and having a rich and learning experience. He further added, “I have also worked with Dilip saab in a few films. When you are working with a legend like him, you can’t say anything if he changes a scene or something in the film. But we have Learned so much just by watching them. Where did they stop or what they did or the way they looked. It was the same with Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan). Working with these actors was a learning process and I am still learning Am. ”

Although he was not critical of all modern actors. Dutt also added that he looks up to his younger contemporaries and has learned from his Shamshera co-stars as well. “Even when I watch Ranbir and Vaani, I keep learning more by watching them,” he added.

Dutt is playing the larger-than-life antagonist in Shamshera and one of the highlights of the film is his on-screen face opposite Ranbir Kapoor. It’s an interesting connection as Ranbir plays Sanjay Dutt in his biopic. It would be great to see both the actors playing each other in this upcoming release.


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