Sushmita Sen Dating Lalit Modi: Son Ruchir Modi reacts, “His life, his decision” – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

The media and social media may have gone into a tizzy after Lalit Modi revealed that he was dating Sushmita Sen on Thursday, but his family is quite adamant about the revelation. Lalit’s son Ruchir Modi told ETimes, “I prefer to refrain from commenting on personal family matters, but will always be happy to comment on business or other matters.”

Ruchir (28) is one of Lalit’s two children, Alia (29) is the other, and according to him the family knew about the former IPL chairman’s relationship with the former Miss Universe. But they will not discuss personal issues of other family members as a matter of policy. “I prefer not to comment to be very honest, as we don’t comment on personal matters as a family policy,” said Ruchir, who lives with his father in London. Alia is married, Ruchir is single.

Lalit’s post created an all-round frenzy. It read, “After a dizzying global tour in London #Maldives #Sardinia with families – not to mention my #betterhalf @sushmitasen47 – a fresh start finally a new life. Over the Moon (sic).” He then clarified that the two are not married and are just dating, although marriage is inevitable.

“Just for clarity. Not married – just dating each other. That too will happen one day,” wrote Lalit a little later. Remarks Ruchir, flamboyant like his father, but far less impulsive and much more calculative, reluctantly offering an opinion. “It’s his life and his decision,” he said.

Ruchir lost his mother Meenal to cancer in December 2018 and Lalit then posted an emotional tribute to his wife, who was 11 years older than him. The Modi family was a close-knit family and Ruchir has a still picture with his mother in his WhatsApp DP. “I miss him every day,” he said.

A management graduate from London, Ruchir studied at the American School in Mumbai, before moving to the UK with his parents in 2010. The father and son duo along with Lalit’s brother (Sameer Modi) are involved in a family dispute over property. His grandmother and the case has gone to the Supreme Court after a failed mediation attempt.

Ruchir, who has invested in various ventures, said, “The family dispute is unfortunate and I hope and have full faith in the Supreme Court of India for a speedy decision in the matter, the way businesses are being run and controlled. Given the unfortunate situation.” in the UK and Europe, said. He used to visit Mumbai often but since the pandemic that has stopped.


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