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Young people: Beware of the 80s!

The 1980s were a very dangerous time for the younger generation on screen. Any teen or twenty-something movie character was pretty much guaranteed to get the chops in the slasher style of the era. 1989 slasher Gem Hell High is a case in point—as the credits roll heads rolling. Or rather, a criminal biker angrily tears off the head of a young girl’s plastic doll – the little girl is not happy, and the biker and his girlfriend are hammered with iron.

To celebrate the release of Hell High On Special Edition Blu-ray, and Limited Edition O-Card Blu-ray from Arrow Video, here are eight more ’80s slashers, including through the masked, ax-wielding psychopath Everything from twins to killer mascots is included. ,

Blood Rage (1987)

Twins Todd and Terry seem like cute boys, that is, until one of them takes an ax in the face of a fellow patron at the local drive-in. Todd is convicted and institutionalized, while twin brother Terry is set free. Ten years later, as the family gathers around the table for the Thanksgiving meal, news comes that Todd has fled. But has the real killer really been among them? One thing is certain, there will be blood and fury in this absolutely insane and out-of-shockfest!

Qayamat Sharan (1988)

When a group of horny teens wind up at the base of a creepy abandoned asylum, they think they’ve found the right place to party. Little do they know that inside the crumbling walls of the building lies a strangely deformed maniac, who was driven insane by the tragic loss of his fiancée in a car accident. With an array of terrifying surgical instruments at his disposal, it is only a matter of time before the youth end up with various splinters at the hands of the terrifying ‘coroner’.

The Slayer (1982)

Two young couples set off for a secluded island that promises a relaxing retreat. But the peace is short-lived: as the island storms, the troubled artist Kay begins to sense a malevolent presence following him at every turn. Is she losing her mind, or are her childhood nightmares coming to life under the terrifying life of a demonic assailant? Well, whichever way you cut it, they’re all ready for a comfortable slaughter.

Edge of the Ax (1988)

The rural community of Paddock County is rocked by the insane adventures of an ax-wielding psychopath who pursues the night in a black trenchcoat and mask. As victims pile up, officers attempt to keep a lid on the situation, while young computer whiz-kid Gerald and girlfriend Lillian try to expose the killer before the city’s population reaches zero.

Girls Night Out (1984)

Students at DeWitt University are preparing themselves for a night of fun and frolic in the form of an all-night scavenger hunt. Little do they know they’re actually being hunted by… an unruly attacker, disguised in college’s goofy bear mascot costume – and two years before Freddy dons his famous gloves, holding a knife to the claws – The co-edition is chasing the premises in hell for carving. A wonderfully mean-spirited chiller from the golden age of teen-suffering slashers.

Deadly Game (1982)

A masked maniac for a horror-themed board game is playing his own twisted game with the women of a small American town. Every time the dice is rolled, another victim meets a terrible end. returning home to mourn the death of his murdered sister Keegan (Joe Ann Harris) befriends local cop Roger and oddball cinema projectionist Billy (Steve Relsbach, Turkey Shoot) – but he soon finds himself in the eyes of the killer.

Diksha (1984)

Diksha is one of the finest of college-based stalk-and-slash flicks. Daphne Zuniga’s new sorority has a special initiation ritual for her — her father’s department store break-in in the after-hours. But what starts out as a night of harmless college fun turns sour when, once inside the sprawling mall, Kelly and her fellow vows lock themselves up for the night… of a deadly intruder. Following along the corridors.

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge (1989)

High school sweethearts Eric and Melody’s romance is tragically cut short when Eric apparently dies in a fire that engulfs his family home. A year later, and Melody is trying to move on with her life, landing a job at the brand new Midwood Mall. But the mall, which stands on the site of Eric’s former home, has an uninvited guest—a shadowy, scorched figure that haunts its air ducts and underground passageways, hellbent on seeking vengeance on the mall’s devious developers, and Cross the path of any young buyer who may be. uh oh!

Hell High (1989)

Enroll in Hell High at your own risk! Teenage Kicks takes a decidedly dark turn in director Douglas Grossman’s crime story, pushed to its terrifying climax, where 1984’s class meets eye spit on your grave! When high school soccer hero Jon-John (Breaking Bad’s Christopher Cousins) is dropped from the team, he ends up falling out with a group of outcasts led by the sadistic Dickens (not to be perfected by the late Christopher Stryker). played). With a new recruit in tow, the gang’s youthful hijinks soon spiral into a night of terrifying horror when they decide to play a brutal prank at the home of their teacher Miss Storm – who, unbeknownst to the youth, is a dark and Preserves the haunting past.

Hell High is available on Special Edition Blu-ray and Limited Edition O-Card Edition Blu-ray on July 18 from Arrow Video:

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