Finally, Imtiaz Ali and his estranged wife Preety start living as a couple – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Imtiaz Ali, who is known for films that explore the dynamics of modern relationships, was vacationing in Maldives in January 2021 with estranged wife Preeti and daughter Ida. We bring you that story FIRST and EXCLUSIVE. Same for the story that they then went to Kerala for a brief vacation in June 2021. Several members of Imtiaz and Preeti’s family also joined them in Kerala. And of course, Ida was with them too. Naturally, these two trips made the couple do some self-discovery and realize the importance of each other.

However, they didn’t resolve all their issues until last month when they firmly decided that they needed to get back together as a couple. Today, they are back as man and wife and have forgotten the past.

Imtiaz and Preeti, who tied the knot in 1995, parted ways in 2012. But the filmmakers were very worried about Preeti and went back to live with her in March 2020, just before the lockdown was imposed in the wake of the pandemic. , He also called Ida back to India from the US on March 13, where she was studying.

Meanwhile, we also brought you a story in which we told you that Imtiaz Ali was offered to direct Madhubala’s biopic. But when Madhubala’s two sisters objected to the idea of ​​making a film on her, Imtiaz felt quite uneasy about it and went ahead, so did the corporate giants who were backing it.

Coming back to the reunion, a source says, “It took him over 2 years after Imtiaz got back with Preeti in March 2020, but all is well that ends well. There was no need for a hasty decision. It’s always better. If love appears slowly or re-appears, isn’t it?”


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