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Mother (adrienne pierce) is the matriarch in a small family who lives in a large and very beautiful glass house that looks like it should be used in a Victorian period drama. He has three daughters; bee (Jessica Alexander), avi (anja taljard) and her youngest, Daisy (kitty harris,

Some men also live there and their injuries force the women to restrain them until they heal. Gabe (brent vermeulen) is having trouble adjusting to the new world, but the stranger (Hilton Pulsar) sees things differently and soon gets closer to one of the girls. However, in this dystopian future where oxygen is precious and memory is easily lost, they may all soon forget themselves.

glasshouse A dystopian melodrama set in a place that feels very much in our history, but seems very distant in our future. In his feature directorial debut, Kelsey Egan A world like no other is created and features something different from the usual tropes that often plague science fiction.

In fact, if “The Shred” hadn’t been talked about and Daisy hadn’t been so curious about the outside world, viewers might not even have realized its intentions.

With a set up that emerges BeguiledGlasshouse is a brilliant production with a great cast and an interesting story. However, with the mix of styles it may not be for everyone. It appears that a period drama mixed with a science fiction divisive world may attract some people who enjoy the production value, but may likewise turn away those who want more traditional science fiction.

This is especially evident because although the worldbuilding is done impeccably, it takes time to explain everything and how the film got to this point. This slows down the pace somewhat and can even leave viewers wondering where this is all going – and not in a good way.

Either way the audience can approach Glasshouse, they can either rejoice in the unique setting or be carried away by dialogue that cannot decide between telling a story or taking out the world. Either way, Glasshouse is an original idea with a basic idea that may need a little more polishing to make things clear.

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