After Lalit Modi’s response to trolls, Sushmita Sen takes jibe at criticism too

Actor Sushmita Sen has shared a post speaking about people’s ‘gorgeous opinions and deep knowledge’ about her ‘life and character’, days after IPL founder Lalit Modi announced that he is dating her. are. Taking to Instagram, Sushmita also reacted to those who refer to her as a ‘gold digger’, saying that she prefers diamonds that she buys for herself. She posted a picture from her recent Maldives vacation while she was standing inside an infinity pool. Turning her back to the camera, Sushmita looked towards the sea. (Also Read | Sushmita Sen reacts to being called a ‘gold digger’ for dating Lalit Modi,

In the photo, she is wearing a black swimsuit and has tied a bun in her hair. Sushmita captioned the post, “Totally centered in my being and my soul… I love how nature merges all its creations to experience oneness… and when we strike that balance.” How divided are we? (Hug and thumbs up emoji).”

Sushmita further added, “It is heart-wrenching to see how pathetic and sad the world around us is becoming… the so called intellectuals with their stupidity…. the ignorant with their cheap and sometimes funny gossip I’ve never had friends and acquaintances I’ve never met…all sharing their grand ideas and deep knowledge about my life and character…earning out ‘Gold Digger’ in every way !!!ah this genius!!!”

She also said, “I dig deeper than gold… and I’ve always preferred (famous) diamonds!! And yes I still buy them myself!!! I love the full support of my well-wishers And loved ones continue to expand. Please know, your sush is all right.. because I’ve never been on the momentary borrowed light of approval and applause. I’m the sun… totally centered in my being and my conscience !!”

Sushmita also reacted to those who refer to her as a ‘gold digger’, saying that she prefers diamonds that she buys for herself.

This is not the first time Sushmita has reacted to people criticizing her relationship with Lalit. On Saturday, Sushmita shared a picture from her Maldives vacation in which she was admiring the sea. She wrote, “Ah peace and noise canceling power!!! (heart eyes, laughter, red heart and music notes emojis). Image courtesy: Alisa Sen (angel face and lips emoji). I love you guys beyond Am !!! #sharing #bliss #positivity #love #duggadugga (dancer & hug face emojis).”

Last week, Lalit Modi shared pictures with Sushmita and tweeted, “After a dizzying global tour in London #Maldives#Sardinia with families – not to mention my #better looking partner @sushmitaSen47 – a New beginning A new life finally. Moon over. Love doesn’t mean marriage yet. But one definitely.” He also tweeted, “Just for clarity. Not married – just dating each other. That too will happen one day.”

A day after Lalit’s post, Sushmita shared a picture with her daughters – Renee Sen and Alisa Sen. He wrote, “I am in a happy place!! Not married…No ring… Surrounded by unconditional love. Enough explanation given… Now back to life and work!! In my happiness forever Thanks for sharing… and for those who don’t… anyway #NYOB!!! I love you guys #duggadugga #yourstruly”.


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