Discussion Questions From My Cross Country Drive!

I survived! I arrived! No nephew is B yet. But nephew A, after brief doubts, has temporarily accepted me. However, I do expect a turnaround in times of stress. I am new and scary and not his parents, he will probably kill me at some point in the next 24 hours.

Question 1: Would you call it a mountain or a hill? To me they look like “ghats” outside Bombay, which I would call mountains. But then in Indian English, they talk about “hill stations”, so maybe they are Hills?

Question 2: I did a lot of podcasts, what about the woman who broke off her engagement the day before her wedding when she found out that her fiancé was holding her and pretending to be her best friend, What would be a better remake than the one about the woman who learned her fiancé/the father of her child was secretly seducing the other man’s wife and lying to her about her job/family/everything?

Question 3: The Massachusetts Turnpike was designed by The Devil, yes or no?

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