More Fear Street Movies in Development at Netflix

It’s been more than a year since Netflix adapted R.L. Stine’s classic YA horror novel series fear street Three weeks into the movie trilogy event, and judging by its success, fans are still wondering whether the streamer plans to expand the teen horror franchise. According to bloody disgustingNetflix is ​​actually working on producing more fear street movies, sources in the outlet have confirmed that the streamer is currently “very deeply in development.”

More details about a possible sequel are still being kept secret. It is still unclear whether director Leigh Janiac is involved in the development process. Last year, in a previous interview, Janak believes that fear street The trilogy has the potential to give Netflix its own “MCU-style horror universe.”

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Based on RL Stine’s best-selling horror series, fear street Shadyside’s three different timelines are included in the trilogy: 1994, 1978And 1666, It follows Shadyside’s horrific history through 300 years of nightmares. In 1994, a group of teenagers learn that the horrific events that have haunted their town for generations may be linked – and they may be the next targets.

The trilogy stars Kiana Madeira, Olivia Scott Welch, Benjamin Flores Jr., Julia Rehwald, Fred Hechinger, Ashley Zuckerman, Gillian Jacobs, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Elizabeth Scopel, Jordan Spiro, Jordan Dintel, Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, Ryan Simpkins. McCabe Sly, Ted Sutherland and Maya Hawke.

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fear street The trilogy was directed and co-written by Leah Janiak, who was also an executive producer. Corey Adelson, Timothy M., Bourne, Yvonne M., with producers Peter Chernin, David Ready, Geno Topping, Doug Torres, and Jeffrey Harlacker. Bernard, Joan Waricha and Jen Stine are set as executive producers.

Part 1: 1994, Part 2: 1978And Part 3: 1666 Now available for streaming on Netflix.

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