Vikram Bhatt defends ex Sushmita Sen as she is called a gold digger by trolls

Sushmita Sen has been replying to the trollers on social media for the past few days. Ever since IPL founder and businessman Lalit Modi announced that Sushmita and he are dating, both have been seeing objectionable comments and memes about him online. Many people have even called Sushmita a ‘gold digger’ for dating Lalit. On Monday, Sushmita’s ex-boyfriend and filmmaker Vikram Bhatt came to her defense, arguing that she is “the last person who checks bank balances before deciding to fall in love”. Read also: After Lalit Modi’s reaction to trolls, Sushmita Sen also reacted

After becoming Miss Universe in 1994 and entering the film industry, Vikram Bhatt and Sushmita reportedly dated briefly in the mid-1990s. Vikram was the writer of the 1996 film Dastak, which marked Sushmita’s Bollywood debut. After a few years they broke up.

Talking to India Today about Sushmita being called a gold digger, Vikram said, “Sushmita is a love digger, not a gold digger. I think making fun of others’ lives is entertainment. One’s tragedy is one’s entertainment, it is always there. when kareena [Kapoor] married to saif [Ali Khan]He was even trolled. So, I guess it goes with the territory, if you are a celebrity and if you have any decision which netizens find strange, they start trolling. ,

The filmmaker said that based on her experience, Sushmita did not look at things like bank balance before entering the relationship. He recalled, “Sushmita is the last person who checks bank balance before deciding to fall in love with someone. I was penniless. I was directing Ghulam, but I didn’t have money. I won’t forget that That Sushmita was the one who first took me to the US, and she paid for my trip. I had no money. When we reached Los Angeles and there was a limousine, and I was shocked. She said that She wants to make my entry in America very special.

On Sunday, Sushmita herself reacted to the ‘Gold Digger’ tag first on Twitter as she shared news articles in her defense and then in a lengthy Instagram post. “I’ve never had friends and acquaintances I’ve never met…. all sharing their grand opinions and deep knowledge about my life and character… earning all the way from ‘Gold Digger’ !!!Ah yeh genius!!!I dig deeper than gold…and I’ve always preferred (famous) diamonds!! And yes, I still buy them myself,” a part of her note read.

Last week, Lalit Modi had shared pictures from recent holidays in Maldives and Italy with Sushmita, calling her his ‘better half’. He later clarified that they were not married but were dating. Sushmita also denied the marriage rumours in an Instagram post a day later.


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