‘Nope’ Review – Jordan Peele Takes on the Summer Blockbuster

in this version of silver liningwe will discuss Paul WS Andersonambitious crossover, alien vs Predator,

at first sight, alien vs Predator Seems like an incredibly obvious idea. After all, both intellectual property are conveniently owned by the same parent company and occupy equally coveted places in popular culture (they’re also aliens together). And predators, adding to the analogy). Of course, the deeper you dig, the more you’ll realize that these franchises are radically different in ways that really makes you appreciate how the writers had to creatively twist and twist decades of lore to create the cosmic horror of Xenomorph. can be combined with rituals. Yutza’s bloodshed.

So it should come as no surprise that it took so long for this crossover to hit the theaters. whereas AVP Comics published since the late 80sA cinematic adaptation was originally teased back in 1990, when a xenomorph skull appeared at the end of Underrated hunter 2, This simple Easter egg sparked years of rumors that we would finally see a version of this epic confrontation on the big screen.

Unfortunately, despite the crossover franchise being a huge success in the comics and videogame worlds, a proposed film would be stuck in development hell for over a decade, with Fox unsure of which direction to take the story. . during this time, AVP passed through the hands of many accomplished writers and filmmakers such as Peter Briggs and Roland Emmerich.

It’s only when Paul WS Anderson showed up with a pitch driven by concept art by renowned creature designer Patrick Tatopoulos that 20th Century Fox finally decided to flag off production. it left the director Resident Evil: Apocalypse big project to focus on what he thought was recruiting Shane Salerno to write the screenplay.

like many others foreign-The associated spin-off, following a group of explorers funded by Charles Bishop Weyland, borrowed elements of the plot from H.P. Lovecraft and Erich von Deniken (played by the legend) Lance Henriksen) when they enter a long-forgotten pyramid buried under Antarctic ice. Unfortunately, his expedition unwittingly takes him into the middle of a centuries-long battle between the titular aliens and the Predators. And as the tagline says: “Whoever wins… we lose!”.

When the first trailer dropped, viewers finally got to see these intergalactic titans face off against each other in a proper cinematic showdown, combining the best elements of each franchise.

so what’s wrong?

AVP Made a solid $177 million on a $70 million budget, but the flick’s disappointing 21% score on Rotten Tomatoes tells you everything you need to know about its critical response. Back in 2004, the film was actually considered the worst entry in any franchise (which I guess was wrong even then), with critics lamenting its cartoonish script and general lack of tension.

Even the holy trinity of James Cameron, Ridley Scott, and Sigourney Weaver was opposed to the film, thinking that the crossover seemed like a dire attempt to put both franchises to death. Curiously, Arnold Schwarzenegger offered to make a brief cameo appearance in the picture if he failed to be elected as governor of California, though we all know how that turned out.

Of course, the most common complaint about the film was how it felt compared to previous entries in both franchises. It’s strange that a studio would decide to flag a project about creatures that are known to brutally euthanize their victims and forcefully impregnate them with flesh-eating parasites so that these things can be avoided showing in the finished picture. At one point, there was a rumor that the studio had forced Anderson to reduce the film to PG-13, but the director and screenwriter have since revealed that the theatrical cut was always the film they intended to make. was.

There are other issues, such as the controversial decision to portray the predators as somewhat sympathetic figures, even with their reptilian designs being toned down to help the viewer bond with the main predator. when he has finished partnering with them. Sana LathaniThe Last Girl, Alexa Woods. It’s also a shame that Predelion was relegated to sequel fodder instead of being used for a unique final fight.

Maybe it’s received better than its 2006 sequel (though .’s messy production) Requiem can be an article in itself), but alien vs Predator It eventually turns into a science-fiction themed wrestling match that doesn’t fully capture the horror at large. foreign or ball-to-the-wall action Cruel,

silver lining

alien vs hunter movie

silver lining usually reserved for finding meaningful elements in less-than-stellar movies, but in this case, I’m fairly convinced that alien vs Predator is a legitimately funny science-fiction romp that had the misfortune to release during the wrong era of blockbusters. It’s still a shame that the film is so light compared to its predecessors, but the PG-13 rating is also responsible for allowing the filmmakers to embark on this big-budget adventure.

The scope of this story was unlike anything the franchise had seen before, and it touched on some of the same fringe ideas that prometheus so interesting foreign Prequel after 8 years. And while many critics compared the picture to science-based wrestling, I don’t see that as a bad thing. Anderson knew exactly what to expect from this clash of the supernatural titans, and did his best to create a crowd-pleasing shock-fest.

the timing has also been very kind AVPThe effects of the work and production design, the film relies on impressive sets and costumes that still persist nearly two decades later. This was actually the last time we’d see a believable xenomorph on film (though I’m happy to say that Cruel The franchise still relies mostly on practical monsters), and the flick also featured a life-sized Alien Queen who was the most advanced animatronic monster of the early 2000s.

With the creative dilution of modern blockbusters, I’m sure alien vs Predator Had it released today, it would have been an even bigger hit. In fact, even James Cameron eventually changed his mind about the film and placed it third in his ranking. foreign Movies, accept it as a big budget B-movie.

To be honest, I wish alien vs Predator In the same vein as other big action/horror hybrids of the 2000s gave rise to a long-running franchise domestic wicked And Hades, especially if the filmmakers could get away with more blood and guts. The way I see it, the flick’s PG-13 rating is the only thing stopping it from being a classic midnight movie, but the experience is still compelling enough to be worth re-watching. At least, it should keep fans entertained until Disney decides it’s time to bring these heavy hitters back for another round of supernatural bloodshed.

Watching a bad movie is not necessarily a bad experience. Even the worst movies can boast of a good idea or two, and so we’re trying to see the bright side of it. silver liningWhere we highlight the best parts of traditionally infamous horror flicks.

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