We had no idea; he was working as if nothing has happened: ‘Shamshera’ director on Sanjay Dutt battling cancer | Hindi Movie News

Seeing Sanjay Dutt coming on the sets of the film and working while battling cancer really made ‘Shamshera’ director Karan Malhotra’s respect for the former.

Sharing how Sanjay quietly dealt with the disease during the shooting of the film without informing anyone about it, Karan said, “The news of Sanjay sir having cancer came as a huge shock to all of us. We had no idea about it. He was talking, behaving, and acting as if nothing had happened. I think that’s why he is today, overcoming this too Sanjay sir doesn’t let anything get better.He is an inspiration to everyone on the sets.

He further added, “After giving so many years of his life to his craft, Sanjay sir leads from the front and his behavior shows us how to behave ourselves on the sets. He shot Shamshera with the attitude that He has nothing. No victory. He never revealed what he was doing personally. He kept the mood on the sets.” Karan called Sanjay “Superman”.

“It is exemplary how he quietly showed us that we too can face life’s adversities with a smile on our faces. To me, Sanjay sir is a superman and there is no one like him. I am indebted to Shamshera for his support. I am indebted to him. He is a constant guide and a mentor to me,” he said.

Sanjay was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August 2020. A few months later, he announced that he was cancer free and had shared a note saying, “The last few weeks were very difficult times for my family and me. But as they say, God bless his strongest soldiers the hardest. Gives the fight. And today, on the occasion of my children’s birthday, I am happy to have emerged victorious from this fight and able to give them the best gift – health and well being – of our family.”

Sanjay is now waiting for the release of ‘Shamshera’, which will hit the theaters on July 22.


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