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fiddle (Lucia Monizzo) and jota (ruben garcia) are a Portuguese couple living in the UK. They have three children, baby Jessie, teenager Diego (James Fellner) and Lu (messi sly) who is in primary school. However despite their family dynamic they are struggling financially and Bela is not coping very well.

Then one day Lou’s school contacts his parents and they are concerned about the bruises on his back and the police are called before Bela and Jota can get hold of the situation. This turns their family upside down as their children are taken away and taken care of, leaving Bela feeling sad and anxious and both parents feeling completely helpless.

listen is a Portuguese film directed by ana rocha Which talks about a situation that immigrants may face in the UK or perhaps in some other part of the world. Showcasing their lives before descending into chaos, the family is just like anyone else’s and the audience may soon sympathize with them as things take a turn for the worse. In addition, Lou is deaf, as is actress Maisie Sly who is better known for appearing in the Oscar-winning short film, the silent child,

However, Suno is not a film designed to show its audience that unreasonable executives are getting above themselves despite their best intentions, nor is it a film designed to hold onto its audience’s heartstrings. pulls up. Instead, it is a film that realistically portrays what happens during a simple misunderstanding that can happen in a broken system.

A nominee for Best International Feature Film for the Oscars in 2021, which was disqualified for being in the English language only, Suno presents it in its entirety to its audience and shows the realities of both sides. It seems to have been researched very carefully to not show any bias, so if the audience thinks the system is unfair, then it is realistically so.

Moniz is the heart of the film and gives a scintillating performance as a mother on the edge who would do anything to get her kids back. A particular shame that the film’s boycott from the Oscars would not highlight his talent.

Also, this may not be easy to see for many people, especially those who have children, but it may help some to understand and empathize with immigrants who just want a good life.

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