Marvel Files Trademarks for 2 Potential Avengers Movies

Ahead of Marvel Studios’ much-anticipated panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the company is preparing for some big projects in the future.

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As the first time a . is showing on Subreddit dedicated to leaks and rumors for all things Marvel Cinematic Universe“trademark for”Avengers: Secret Wars” And “Avengers: Kang DynastyIt was officially filed with the EU Intellectual Property Office on Friday, 22 July 2022 for a wide variety of categories, including goods and services in film production.

Some digging by the subreddit found that Mitscherlich, the patent’s filer, worked with Disney on previous filmmaking patents, including movies. sneakerella,

While it’s still unknown what these patents might be for, or even if it’s Marvel that plans to use them, the fact remains that the filing date is due to Marvel Studios’ planned San Diego Comic-Con panel. comes exactly a day before the avengers The films will be revealed in the panel. should they be legitimate titles for the foreseeable future avengers projects, they would follow the clearest trajectory for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

during the Disney+ series bottle gourdIn the season finale, Kang (played by Jonathan Majors) was revealed, setting the stage for many fans who considered the next “big bad” in the MCU, Kang the Conqueror, to appear. The name “Kang Dynasty” also probably refers to Marvel’s 16-part comic series in which Kang and his son, Marcus, plan to conquer planet Earth.

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as far as secret war Well, fans have long been waiting for news of a possible live-action adaptation of the iconic comic book series featuring various Marvel heroes and villains being taken over by a cosmic entity known as The Beyonder. where they fight it out on a planet called Battleworld.

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