Mimi Chakraborty on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot: ‘If this were a woman?’

Bengali actor and politician Mimi Chakraborty took to Twitter and shared her thoughts on Ranveer Singh in his recent photoshoot for a magazine. He reacted to the reception of the actor’s bold pictures on social media, and questioned whether a woman posing in similar pictures would get the same response. (Also read: Ranveer Singh ‘broke the internet’ as soon as he was completely naked,

Mimi tweeted on Friday, “Internet broke with Ranveer Singh’s latest photoshoot and most of the comments were (fire emojis). Just wondering if it was a woman, what compliments would have been the same. Or did you burn down her house? Would have taken the front, threatened to kill him and the slut would have put him to shame.”

“Let’s talk about equality, where is that now??!!!! You know right, it’s your attitude that can change something or destroy it completely. In their case let’s take your point of view. Make that body wider because that body comes with a lot of sacrifice, trust me (no salt, no sugar, no carbs),” Mimi said in a tweet. Responding to her tweet, one person commented, ‘You Can break the ceiling of the glass. Another tweeted, “I get your point but this is fictional… We had done similar photoshoots with Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre in the past too… Kuch spark tha But people at large were calm about it.”

In some pictures from the cover shoot of Paper magazine, Ranveer posed wearing nothing. In his interview in the magazine, Ranveer opened up about his films, his sartorial choices and his familiarity with nudity in general. “It’s so easy for me to be naked physically, but in some of my performances, I’ve been naked. You can see my f.,in spirit. how naked is she? He’s actually getting naked. I can be naked in front of a thousand people, I don’t give in as a s**t. It’s just that they become uncomfortable,” he said.

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