Trailer for ‘Sharknado’ Director’s ‘Nix’ Deals With Trauma and Addiction

Inspired by Germanic folklore, a tragedy at a mysterious lake haunts a family even years after the incident.

1091 Entertainment shares the exclusive first look of the trailer with Bloody Disgusting cipherlatest Odour! And Sharknado the director Anthony C. Ferrante,

cipher currently releasing September 27, 2022 On all major digital platforms.

In the movie…

“While Jack the Cuckoo struggles to keep his shattered family together, a strange and powerful entity reappears, opening wounds to what is to be another tragedy. As Jack deals with the consequences, he must He must also save his young niece from this sinister creature that threatens to destroy everyone.

cipher It is said to be “a modern-day horror film that deals with trauma and addiction and how the tragedy of twenty years ago tore a family.”

“Once we landed on the concept of Nix and realized its potential, I was excited to return to my horror roots with this advanced, original horror film,” Ferrante said. “It was also a chance to dig deep into these fragmented, haunted characters and explore the depth and emotion within this dark setting, while still delivering solid thrill and coolness. I’m so proud of the film that we made.” And looking forward to working with 1091 Pictures to kick off this fall just in time for Halloween.”

cipher Stars james zombardik ,wake up the shadow man, Michael Pare ,alleys of fire, skyler caleb ,wake up the shadow man, Angie Teodora Dick ,zombie tidal wave), And de wallaceBest known for his roles in horror fans The Howling, Critters, And CujoNot to mention Rob Zombie the Lords of Salem, movie introduction Neesha Renee Gilbot and was written by Caleb, Zimbardi, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III and Ferrante.

cipher Ferrante’s first theatrical horror film since the 2005 hit Odour!

Check out the trailer below.

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