who you meet VS who you invest in

Here is how most single people operate when it comes to dating and relationships: they are picky about who they meet, but open about who they invest in. That’s why they don’t have high-quality leads and get hurt in love. Therefore, my ultimate advice for single men on international dating websites is to be open about who you meet on the dating site, but choosy about which woman you invest in.

  • Please be open about who you meet online, but picky about which person you invest in.

Most singe individuals browse hundreds of dating profiles, attend parties, go to singles events and there is a constant “no” in their head – they have 1,001 excuses for not talking to that woman, e.g., “She seems a bit like an ice queen.” / “She reads childish magazines.” / “She wears too much makeup.”

I know you have high standards. That is very good. However, the constant “no” in your head isn’t helping you at all because you wouldn’t meet anyone with that mindset.

In actuality, you meet so few women that the very next time you run into even 1 woman that you are remotely attracted to, you start to wonder if she is the one while ignoring the fact that choosing 1 out of 1 option usually leads to a bad outcome because in order to find quality, quantity actually matters.

As a result, you need a new mindset: be open-minded about which woman you talk to, but be very picky about which woman you invest your time, energy and emotion in.

In this way, you will have the abundance in the first place, and then you will be able to choose the right person amongst many options.

  • Your single life is a golden opportunity.

As I see it, if you really don’t want to date, please don’t date. A lot of people date due to peer pressure. When I was 23 years old, I “dated” someone who was much older than me and unfortunately, I was used, abused and lied to by that person. I was crying myself to sleep every single night and had insomnia as a result. I was so miserable and I couldn’t even tell anyone because I was very scared. The real reason why I was in that situation was because I was told that I should be “on the hunt” as a single person and I wasn’t picky enough when it comes to whom I was meeting. Luckily, later on I accidentally discovered the art of radical self-love which has surely transformed my life.

When you are in a relationship, you must take another person’s needs as well as desires into account. Thus, when you are single, you would be well-advised to have some adventures and thoroughly enjoy your freedom. Why not do some unusual activities, go to fun places, attend parties (and leave whenever you want)?

As a single person, I can dive into as many things as I want, and when I get bored, I can spend the entire weekend watching my favorite TV show while drinking the best matcha latte in the world, and then I can get a massage before treating myself to 7 new books that I’m extremely eager to read. I don’t complain about singledom because I have a lot of fun adventures – I need to be convinced to bring somebody else along for this amazing ride.

Before you pursue international dating, you have to love your single life because when you have an interesting life, you are more attractive. That’s how you will attract the right woman in the right way! 😉

“Do you have a fulfilling single life right now?”

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