Anupamaa recap: Pakhi, Anupamaa argue over expensive gifts she got from Barkha

Barkha and more are planning to manipulate Pakhi against Anupama. In this episode, we will see that the disagreement between Anupama and Pakhi gets stronger as she asks her daughter to return the gift. Pakhi Kapadia will decide to stay in the mansion. Read the full article for all the updates on the latest episodes. (Also Read | Anupama Written Update July 22)

Anupama scolds Pakhi

Anupama comes home unexpectedly and notices all the gifts given by Barkha. Barkha and Adhik try to hide their true intentions by pampering both Anu and Pakhi. Anupama asks Pakhi to return the gift as it is more expensive than what she can afford. Barkha tells that she did this only because she considers Pakhi as her daughter. Anupama tells Barkha to stay out of it. Pakhi talks to Anupama and tells her that she too cannot tolerate the gifts given by Anuj. She also tells how Anu gets all the expensive gifts and she cannot take them.

Anupama backtracks from Pakhi’s words and mannerisms. She tells him how she worked to earn a living and earn Anuj’s love. She keeps talking about the sanctity of marriage and the relationship between husband and wife. Pakhi feels upset but keeps on arguing that she deserves the gift. Paakhi gives her a big blow by asking if she can stay with him in the Kapadia house. Anupama is left speechless and Pakhi concludes that Anupama does not want him to be with her. Anupama tells him that he should be mature enough to understand why this cannot happen.

Vanraj gets worried

While Pakhi argues with Anupama, Vanraj leaves for Pakhi’s college to take her back. He becomes worried after finding out that she has left the college campus long ago. He calls Kavya to find out if Pakhi is back, but she doesn’t. Kavya consoles him not to worry and let him be.

Back at Kapadia Villa, Anuj and Ankush return from work. Anuj gives Anu a special gift for her. Barkha comments on how expensive Anu’s gift is, and Pakhi remains sad. Anupama scolds Anuj for bringing such an expensive gift for Anu. She says that this will only spoil her habits and she should be careful. Pakhi takes advantage of that moment and asks Anuj if she can stay with them. Anuj too is shocked and tells Pakhi that she can stay with them as long as Vanraj approves it.

Pakhi tells him that if Vanraj does not face any problem, she will definitely come to stay with him. Anu also gets excited about the idea. In the next episode, Vanraj learns that Pakhi has come to Kapadia’s house. He is furious at Pakhi and asks her to come with him immediately. Anupama also asks Pakhi to leave. Pakhi will leave Anupama to choose between her daughters and go with Vanraj. Keep reading HT Highlights for more written updates.

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