Siddharth Menon ‘believed’ he will be a National Award winner one day, reveals he cried when his wife started ‘bawling’

Actor Siddharth Menon named in the special jury as an actor for his Marathi film June at the 68th National Film Awards. In an exclusive chat, the actor spoke about his big win and revealed she shed tears for the same.

Actor Sidharth Menon’s ‘phone rings not closed’ since Friday evening. And why shouldn’t you? The actor made a special jury mention as an actor for his Marathi film June at the 68th National Film Awards. “I don’t feel anything to tell you very honestly,” Menon says, as we speak on a call minutes after his victory was announced. He further adds, “Everyone around me is feeling a lot, which makes me very happy. As an artist you feel that your journey is lonely, but when the whole world is celebrating it So this feeling is unmatched.

Menon was still “in disbelief” until he spoke to his wife Poornima Nair, who is currently in Dubai. “She called me and started crying. She was crying. I couldn’t resist and I cried too. If she cries, I give up. She is the one who helped me so much during the process of making this film. Have seen closely,” he elaborates.

The National Award winning phrase is now going to be prefixed to his name. The 33-year-old, who started his career on stage in Pune, admitted that there was a part of him that believed that this day would come. “I’m so mad that way,” he confesses and adds, “I believed in things, I believed it would happen. I didn’t know when and for whom, but I knew.

It’s a national award! You can dream it, but you can’t predict what’s going to happen.”

The Marathi film, directed by debutant directors Vaibhav Kshiti and Suhrud Godbole and written by Nikhil Mahajan, was universally praised for its sensitive treatment. Calling the film the “most challenging film” of his career so far, Menon adds, “I am very happy that it happened in their (Kshishi and Godbole) debut. It is for the team. We always face all odds. Were against: by subject, by budget, then the pandemic hit us. We didn’t know what to do with this product. We’ve been through a lot. I share it (the award) with the entire cast.”

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