Actor Prakruti Mishra assaulted by co-star’s wife, reacts to accusations online

Actress Prakriti Mishra on Sunday shared a statement on Instagram after a video of them being beaten up on the streets of Bhubaneswar was shared on social media. Prakriti was allegedly attacked by the wife of her co-star Babushan Mohanty, who thought that the two actors were having an affair.

The video shows Prakriti being caught by a woman in her car and people standing while making the video even pleaded for help. Prakriti managed to get out of the car even after chasing the woman. He called an auto-rickshaw to stop for himself.

Prakriti also revealed something about the attack on Instagram at midnight. In a note written in Odia, she said, “Every story has two sides. Unfortunately, we are living in a society where people blame women before listening to anything. Me and my co-star Babushan are on a show Was going to Chennai to attend the Utkal Association organized by. During this period, Babushan’s wife along with some goons started thrashing the actor and harassed me physically and mentally.”

“Such behavior shown by Babushan’s wife is not acceptable to me,” he wrote. she said she would make sure the right

She also shared a post about women empowerment. “Working on women empowerment is subject to the “ground breaking” reality of facing real oppression for this society, do they know that I have a bigger goal towards changing the dogma. Empowers to do more! I think I’m not done yet, and I need to do more to achieve my goal of women’s empowerment. Left a comment on the post, accusing her of ‘stealing another woman’s husband’.

The comment read, “Yes women empowerment is stealing husbands of some other women and a father from their child, what am I learning from this generation women empowerment phase, congratulations to you.” Nature replied, “I wish you had enough brains to see what happened to you to judge someone so quickly.”

Prakriti Mishra while replying to a comment.

According to Kalinga TV, Babushan also explained in a video, “You all must be enjoying watching my viral videos. But, I want to tell you that I had come to Chennai to participate in the Utkal Divas celebrations and Prakriti Mishra was also invited to the event. I was here to promote my film in which Prakriti is working with me and we were also planning to announce a new film.”

“I had no idea that my family was going through turmoil. If my family has a problem with it, I will not do that film with them. If required I will not work with any heroine in future,” the actor said in his video statement.

Prakriti won the National Film Award for Special Mention Award for Hello Arsi. He also acted in the Hindi television soap Bitti Business Wali.


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