New TV & Movies Arriving July 25-31

Some people are willing to do anything to get noticed.

Starting July 29, Hulu subscribers will be able to watch Quinn Shepherd’s latest black comedy film. The story follows a young woman named Danny Sanders as she travels to Paris to gain popularity. Not good Stars Zoey Dutch (before I fall, Buffalo), Dylan O’brien (love and monster), Mia Isaacs (don’t make me), Embeth Davids (matilda), Nadia Alexander (sinner), Tia Donne Hodge (land of steadfast habits), Negin Farsad (high maintenance), Karan Soni (dead pool), and Dash Perry.

The synopsis reads, “Danny Sanders, an aimlessly aspiring writer with no friends, no romantic prospects and—worst of all—no followers, makes an Instagram-friendly trip to Paris in hopes of increasing his social media clout. ” “When a horrific event strikes the City of Lights, Danny inadvertently tells a bigger lie than he could have ever imagined. She makes the ‘return’ of a hero, even Rowan’s. He also makes an unlikely friendship with Colin, a school-shooting survivor dedicated to social change, and scoops up the man of his dreams, Colin. As an influencer and advocate, Danny finally has the life and audience he wants. But it’s only a matter of time before, and she learns the hard way that the internet loves a takedown.”

you can check Not good Trailer here.

What’s coming to Hulu | July 25-31

What to watch on Hulu on July 25

  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

What to watch on Hulu on July 26

  • Santa Evita: full limited series premiere

What to watch on Hulu on July 29

  • Not good (2022)
  • American: The whole series
  • hatching (2022)

What to watch on Hulu on July 31

  • one day to die (2022)
  • customer 9 (2010)

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