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Original science-fiction classic, created by Tobe Hooper in 1986 invaders of mars was issued in 1953, and Ignite Films Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the film with a new release.

the director William Cameron Menzies, invaders of mars A “Sensational 4K Restoration” Has Been Received, And Ignite Films Is Bringing It To Blu-ray And 4K UHD September 26, 2022,

Pre-orders for the new release start today!

Special bonus features include a restored 4K version of the original 1953 trailer, an interview with the film’s star, Jimmy HuntAn in-depth look at the restoration process led by Scott McQueenA new documentary about the film featuring the Restoration Supervisor, as well as interviews with the directors who scolds ,gremlins, John Landis ,An American Werewolf in London), Visual Effects Academy-Award Winner robert scottakiand other publishers.

The full list of bonus features includes:

  • Restored 4K Original 1953 Trailer and a Newly Commissioned Trailer 2022
  • Star Jimmy Hunt, interview with William Cameron Menzies biographer James Curtis and memories of Menzies’ eldest granddaughter Pamela Lausanne
  • Featured with acclaimed film directors John Landis, Joe Dante, editor Mark Goldblatt, special visual effects artist and two-time Oscar winner Robert Skotak (The Most Prominent Expert) invaders of mars), and enthusiast and film conservationist Scott McQueen
  • Introducing John Sayles at the Turner Classic Movie Festival in Hollywood, April 2022
  • Clips before/after restoration – original negatives and archival film elements – with film restoration supervisor Scott McQueen
  • Volumes restored in 2K of the Alternative International version — alternate ending and expanded planetarium view
  • Gallery with original press book pages, behind-the-scenes photos from the restoration process
  • A twenty page comprehensive essay on the restoration process: “invaders from mars: A Nightmare of Restoration” by Scott McQueen

From the official press release, here’s everything you need to know…

“I’m excited for audiences, old and new, to be able to see this masterpiece of both film and restoration on Blu-ray and 4K UHD,” said Ignite Films director Jan Willem Bosemann Jansen. “We took great care to incorporate as many aspects of the film into our bonus material and design as possible to bring it to life for as wide a audience as possible. The work we did also thanks to the overall brilliance of William Cameron Menzies. There is a tribute, and I can’t speak for him for sure, but I think he will be thrilled with how his film looks today.”

The eerie memories of this timeless 1953 haunt still haunt the dreams of fans who have never forgotten the story of David McLean, a young boy (Jimmy Hunt) who witnesses an alien invasion. invaders of mars Filmed from a child’s point of view, using exaggerated sets and upward angles. It became a modern classic and was one of two classic alien-invasion science fiction films of the early ’50s (the other being Robert Wise). The Day the Earth Stood Still) depicting the tensions of the Cold War, the red fear and paranoid anxiety typical of many films in the 50s.

invaders of mars Stars Jimmy Hunt, Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Morris Ankram, Leif EriksonAnd Hillary Brooke,

Cinecon to honor former child actor Jimmy Hunt with a special screening of 4K Restoration invaders from mars At this year’s festival, which will run over Labor Day weekend from September 1-5, 2022 in Hollywood. Other special screenings of the 4K restoration have attracted audiences at the TCM Classic Film Festival in April, Il Cinema Ritrovato in Hollywood, CA, Bologna, Italy, and the Fine Arts Film Festival, Venice, CA, in June.

restoration of invaders of mars Much has been expected and a long time to come – but the process was not easy. The effort was led by Scott McQueen, a longtime classic cinema enthusiast and conservationist, who previously was chief of preservation at the UCLA Film and Television Archive for more than a decade before retiring in 2021.

The biggest challenge for McQueen was confirming color negatives for printing in SuperScenecolor, which lacked many shots and needed to be obtained from 70-year-old prints.

,invaders of mars It was one of the most complex projects I’ve ever done,” said restoration supervisor Scott McQueen. “In the days of the analog restoration, this would not have been possible, but 21st century digital devices have been a game-changer. Issued in an archaic process that is unattainable today, invaders of mars were found together from five different sources. Additionally, eight minutes of European scenes and an alternate ending, and the original trailer, have been preserved. As star Jimmy Hunt says, ‘invaders of mars Never looked so good,'” McQueen said.

Sci-Fi Classic’s 4K Restoration Process invaders of mars The final elements required a lengthy search, conducted by Ignite’s Janet Schorer. Additionally, it was imperative to find trace elements needed to fill in the gaps in the original camera negative, which was carefully archived at the UCLA Film and Television Archive. The George Eastman Museum and the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia were instrumental in supplying additional key elements that were needed to complete the film.

In support of the release, Ignite Films has created The Labyrinth, a home for exciting restoration and critical and analytical writing related to the release. invaders of mars, Named after the historical 3D horror noir by William Cameron Menzies, every corner and avenue and subtext of history invaders of mars In The Labyrinth will be explored by some of the greatest critical minds in film history. Led by editor and critic Scout Tafoya. Maze is available on the Ignite Films website,

Ignite Films will initially release 4K restoration invaders from mars Will roll-out the release on 26 September in the US/Region 1, and except in the UK, where Arrow Films will distribute. Big Peace Company is supporting the release in the US and overseeing international sales.

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