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Mugdha Godse turned one year beautiful and intelligent today. On this special day, ETimes had a quick chat with the actress, where she opened up about her birthday plans, her way of dealing with trolls, her thoughts on body positivity and more. Part…

How are you planning to celebrate your birthday?
I am hosting a group chanting session with family and friends at my home with the blessings of my Guru Tarnev ji. This mantra, ‘O Namoh Bhagwatye Namah’ is a beautiful raga narrated by the Guru himself. It will bring peace and happiness to all.

Tell us about one of your favorite birthday memories from childhood.
I’ve had normal birthdays growing up. I have never attended many festivals. My last minute plans have always worked in my favor. I also hate cutting cakes on birthdays.

Is Rahul Dev good at planning surprises? What is the most memorable thing they did on your birthday?
Rahul is a very simple man. He surprises but very unintentionally. We do not express our love only on special days so it is always special.

What do you want on your birthday this year?
I wish blessings and happiness to you and everyone on your birthday.

‘The Broken News’ was warmly received by the audience. How was it working with Sonali Bendre and Jaideep Ahlawat?
It was wonderful working with these two. I have worked with Jaideep in the past as well. He is an amazing actor and we had great scenes in ‘The Broken News’ too. Acting is responding and when you have a great actor in front of you, your best comes out.

You order a crazy fan across the country. Who is Mugdha Godse crazy about?
Nice to hear this. I am a fan of the good work and great craft that exist in cinema.

What are your thoughts about body positivity?
Body positivity comes under self-love which is a must for the kind of depression people are facing these days. With our current lifestyle which is full of stress, our body needs more attention and self-love. As the teachings of my spiritual master taught us to meditate ‘to bring meditation into this body as it is the only tangible gift’, we must cherish it! So love yourself and be positive in all aspects of your life.

Do you regret not taking any role in your career?
In fact, there are many roles that I regret not doing. However, I do not believe in thinking about the past. Let’s look no further and don’t repeat those mistakes.

What has been the lowest point in your career so far?
It is difficult to locate one. It has always been a mixture of high and low.

Celebrities are often the target of trolls, especially actresses. How do you deal with them?
The only way to deal with them is to ignore them. If you are being trolled it means people are watching you. Use those eyeballs and direct them to your work!

What’s in store for you in the next half of 2022?
The next half of 2022 is going to be all about work and more interesting work. It’s a bright year ahead.


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