Bharti Singh shares son Laksh’s adorable pic with joker filter. See here

Bharti Singh has shared an adorable picture of her son Lakshya Singh Limbachiyaa aka Gola. Sharing her picture on Facebook, Bharti used the famous Raj Kapoor song Jeena Yahan Marna Yaha as the background music. Bharti used Joker filter for the picture. ,Also read: Bharti Singh’s son Laksshya’s Harry Potter theme shoot, see pic,

Sharing Lakshya’s picture, Bharti dropped some heart and eye talisman emojis. Bharti also shared a video with husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa in which she answered questions from her fans about the son.

A glimpse of Bharti’s post.

When asked who is more similar to Gola, Bharti and Harsh agreed that he is similar to Bharti. However, Harsh insists that the child has got his nature – a calm and composed person and does not bother anyone much. Bharti was clearly in disagreement. She said that Gola is a quiet child, but that is because she has the same temperament. The couple also joked about giving solids to their baby. Bharti said, “When Gola turns six months old and we introduce solid foods, I will not repeat the mistakes that Harsh’s mother did. My baby will eat gourd, bitter gourd, turai, everything.” Harsh said, “We will also avoid the mistakes that Bharti’s mother made – she opened the jar of food but forgot to close it and her child ruined everything.” Bharti said that Harsha’s mother forgot to open the jar of food for her child and thus ended Harsha.

They also argue about who takes care of the child, only to finally admit that Harsh takes care of everything throughout the day while Bharti takes on the role after work.

When asked to share her future plans for the child, Bharti said that she wants her son to do as she pleases – he can read, or “become a thief like his father, or his mother’s”. Like one can be a talented artist and entertain people on stage.During the discussion, Bharti could not pronounce ‘Buddhik’ properly and Harsh made fun of it.

Bharti says, “Yeh aaye hain hai Nasa’s first scientist (Here we have India’s first NASA scientist). Harsh then stopped him to correct it and said that NASA is not an organization of India, it is ISRO.

Bharti and Harsh recently started their YouTube channel LOL and often answer questions about their fans’ personal and professional lives.


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