First Look at Sebastian Stan in A Different Man Shows Off Transformation

First official look of Sebastian Stan in A24’s upcoming film a different man is here, and shows a haunting transformation of the actor.

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In a recent post on his official Instagram account, Stan shared a photo of his character, Edward, in the film, and he looked almost unrecognizable. In the photo, the actor is almost completely covered with a prosthesis to look like someone with a distorted face. While the story of the film revolves around a man who undergoes facial reconstructive surgery, it is not clear when the picture was taken in the film.

a different manwhich is directed by Aaron Schimberg (chain for life), follows Edward, an outcast who seeks a new life and a fresh start. After a facial reconstructive surgery procedure, he falls for a man who is starring as him in a stage production based on his former life. Schimberg is also set to write the film, with production starting next month. With Stan, Renate Reinsway (the worst person in the world) will also act in the film.

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Sebastian Stan is locked in for a big 2022, as the actor not only earned praise for his portrayal of Tommy Lee on Hulu Pam and Tommy mini-series, but he also starred in the Hulu comedy thriller fresh, a role that earned him further praise for his performance. next for the actor the conA comedy thriller by Benjamin Caron, also starring Julianne Moore, Justice Smith, Brianna Middleton and John Lithgow.

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