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Recurrence, Alejandro Montiel’s most recent crime thriller, picks up the story of Pipa (Luisana Lopilato) a few years after the events of Intuition (2020), but with a significantly changed setting and basic concept. The film jumps to major issue after an exciting opening scene in La Quebrada, in the north of Argentina. However, after that everything loses momentum.

The main character in the film is Pipa, a farmer who wants to lead a peaceful life and raise his son without any interference. Although she has been avoiding it for ten years, she eventually finds herself at the center of a murder investigation. According to vague premise, there was much unrest in the city, corrupt law enforcement, and hostile regional tribes. In any case, the film was a complete flop.

Former cop Pippa is drawn back into the frightening world she thought she had left behind after relocating to a small town and joining a murder investigation.

The film’s Netflix debut took place on July 27, 2022. A review of the iteration is below.

Review of the last episode: Weak characters break up an interesting plot.

The film deviates in a cliché way by setting up a crisis where the main character is forced to employ his abilities from the police force, as it follows the life of retired detective Pippa in exile. Hollywood has seen this many times, most recently in the Jeff Bridges television series The Old Man.

It would not be correct to say that a film cannot be entertaining unless the idea is new every time. It contributes to the originality of the film, yet a simple concept can result in a great film. It’s just that Recurrence didn’t succeed in doing so.

For viewers who haven’t seen the first two films in the series, the film can be very puzzling at some points and provides hardly any background. Furthermore, the characters come across as extremely underdeveloped and domineering. Sometimes, the action moves too quickly, which can leave viewers wondering how a particular narrative is developing.

The film attempted to move fast, a common tactic for thriller films, but it proved to be a jumble of weak plot lines. Most of the time, the film is ambiguous, and other times it is extremely predictable. Also, there is a problem with the plethora of subplots. Every story needs a subplot to function properly. Sometimes they are able to make a film better on their own. However, there were so many subplots in Recurrence that it was often confusing.

Despite being a well-worn story, it held promise. It is a story that the audience loves and values. But the absence of a strong protagonist or antagonist made the film extremely interesting. It would be difficult to empathize with either side when watching the audience.

The film had plenty of opportunities to use the beauty of nature as a surplus in its cinematography, but it squandered those opportunities. Although the camera work is good, it could be much better. Not true of the sound design, which was clearly inadequate. The sound design, as a whole, was exaggerated and overly dense, piled with elements.

Should you see Recurrence in conclusion?

Really it is better to stay away from this film. The new audience will not get anything in the film. Even if it has a disappointing ending, it can offer viewers who have followed Pippa’s story before. Besides, there aren’t many reasons to watch nearly two hours of film in a single sitting.

Netflix is ​​streaming Recurrence now.

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