‘Samaritan’ Trailer – ‘Overlord’ Director Turns Sylvester Stallone into a Violent Superhero – Bloody Disgusting!

dario argentinalatest movie dark glasses Finds the Master of Horror back on (somewhat) solid ground. whereas dark glasses There are many classic Giallo elements, in fact, that the Italian director has unexpectedly thrown in the “disabled woman in distress” sub-genre that was popular in the 80s and 90s.

dark glasses Begins in traditional Argentine fashion. After our hero Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli) drives around Rome before temporarily blinding himself by witnessing an eclipse, killing a female sex worker to end up with a client, leaving his hotel, and brutally put to death. The character has no name or dialogue, and its proximity to sexual activity indicates that she has been targeted because of her profession. As a result, it feels similar to the iconic Gialli films from Argentina of the 70s and 80s, but in a slightly older fashion.

Soon after, Inspector Capo Allerdi (mario pirello) comes and immediately controls the scene. Allardi barely registers, and the investigation is quickly handed over to his accomplice Espatrice Bazani (Maria Rosaria Russo) and Ispetor Baldacci (Genaro Icarino) but the fact is that dark glasses There is little interest in exploring the police procedural aspects of it; The film is about Diana, who becomes the next target of the killer.

Like the first victim, Diana is a high-end sex worker. As shown by her interactions with clients, she is very good at her job, although she has had a couple of challenging encounters: with a man who smells like dogs (Andrea Gerpeli), and the other guy who wants to give her a fist. In these scenes, Diana is outspoken and stoic, clearly showing that she is capable of taking care of herself.

After a subsequent conversation, Diana is chased by an assailant on her car and a high-speed chase ensues. The end result is a bloody slow-motion crash worthy of Quentin Tarantino death Proof As Diana breaks into a Chinese family vehicle, killing the father, leaving the mother in a coma and temporarily orphaning young son Chin (xinyu zhang) As a result of her injuries, Diana also permanently loses her sight.

A large portion of the remainder of the film follows Diana as she adjusts to her new circumstances, thanks to the help of trainer Rita (Asia Argentina), a walking stick and his guide dog, Peria. Out of guilt, Diana also seeks out Chin and the pair form an unlikely friendship to make up for their collective loss. However, it is not long before the killer begins his chase, prompting the woman and child to flee.

dark glasses It has many exciting action sequences, including multiple car accidents and brutal murders. Gore, in particular, looks incredible thanks to a frequent makeup collaborator sergio stivaletti (The opening garrot scene and a chewing climactic throat wound are the highlights). And, in more unexpected and inspired moments, Diana and Chin are stranded in waist-deep water with a nest of predatory sea snakes.

While these sequences are exciting, Argent and editor Flora Volpeliere Struggle to create tension and suspense. The scenes feel disconnected and randomly tied together as if they were taking place in isolation from one another. Take the sea snake attack, which takes place in the middle of a series of chase scenes, but has no effect or effect on the scenes before or after it. This occurs repeatedly and, often coincides with shocking pacing in which Diana and Chin flee the killer to a new location, but they have their new surroundings to regroup, regroup and explore. There is endless time.

It Dramatically Reduces Slack Pacing The threat of violence and death at a time when it should increase further. As a result, dark glasses Despite a brief time of 87 minutes, it lags badly on several points.

Not helping matters is Pastorelli’s flat performance. dark glasses It lacks a substantial amount of character development and while Diana’s relationship with Chin is sweet and passionate, the film’s back half is a collection of scenes of a blind woman screaming and stumbling. The film’s setting immediately after Diana’s injury requires a healthy suspension of disbelief about how quickly she adapts to her loss of vision and how strongly she is dragged. These aren’t insurmountable obstacles for horror fans, but it reinforces the fact that Diana’s handicap is little more than a plot device.

Instead, the character who stands out and performs best is Argentine’s own daughter, Asia. As Rita, Asia brings a healthy dose of charm and charisma to her handful of scenes. She is a warm and lively character and proves to be a very welcoming presence as a result.

Altogether dark glasses Well, especially for audiences who are hungry for Lifetime/Hallmark movies from the 80s and 90s. With tighter editing and better tempo, the back half of the film will have more tension, but Asia Argento’s Rita and solid gore effects ensure that Dario Argento’s latest half is there.

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