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Dinner for Schmucks, a 2010 comedy film directed by Jay Roach, is based on Francis Weber’s 1998 French film “Le dner de connes”. Tim, a rising executive looking to boost a career, is the focus of the story. He quickly learns that he must attend the monthly dinner hosted by his employer and invite her to the table if he wants to join his boss’s inner circle.

Tim declines the invitation at first, but after meeting Barry, he changes his mind because he believes Barry would be the ideal guest to invite to the occasion. Barry had the best of intentions, but his plan backfired and his world turned upside down. While the comic plot makes you laugh and keep you looking, the intriguing use of different settings is probably going to make you wonder where the scenes were shot. However, we have a solution for your inquiries in this area!

Location where Dinner for Schmucks was filmed

The entire filming of “Dinner for Schmucks” took place in California, specifically in and around Los Angeles County. Around October 2009, principal photography began for the film starring Steve Carell. The Golden State is a good location for film production because of California’s diverse topography. Let’s now visit the exact sites featured in the movie without any ado!

County of Los Angeles, California

Most of the important scenes for “Dinner for Schmucks” were filmed in Los Angeles, an important Southern California metropolis. Tim’s workplace, Fender Financial, is located at 2000 Avenue of the Stars in Century City, while Tim’s residence, the Sunset Tower Hotel, is located at 8358 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Tim and his couple clients, the Muellers, appeared in the scene, which was filmed at The Madison at 102 Pine Avenue in Long Beach. However, the restaurant is currently permanently closed.

The Cronin Art Gallery, where Tim first encounters Kieran, was actually the Morono Qiang Gallery, located at 218 West 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the gallery has now permanently closed its doors. Tim accidentally hits Barry with his car at the scene where he is driving his Porsche to Westwood. The scene was filmed at 1045 Broxton Avenue in Los Angeles and 9200 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, both close to the landmark Regent Theater.

Tim and Julie hang out and talk about Kieran over a few beers at the 135 N. Grand Avenue Kendall Brasserie in the Music Center. While Kieran’s residence is at 1317 Willow Street in Los Angeles, Barry’s residence is located at 22201 Hartland Street in Canoga Park. The Internal Revenue Service’s Canoga Processing Center, located at 6301 Owensmouth Avenue in Los Angeles, serves as a stand-in for Barry’s place of employment in the motion picture. When Tim finds Kieran, he tells him where his farm is, and the sequence was filmed at El Campion Farm in Thousand Oaks, at 1201 West Potrero Road.

It was filmed in an actual mansion at 380 South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena for the sequence involving Fender’s Mansion, where the dinner party is held. You may recognize it because this is the same house that served as Wayne Manor in the ‘Batman’ television series. In addition, further scenes were filmed at Westlake Village, Westwood Village and 900 South Hope Street in Los Angeles. Additionally, the cast and crew of “Dinner for Schmucks” traveled outside the county and used the parking lot on the south side of the Culver Hotel at 9400 Culver Boulevard in Culver City to shoot the outdoor scene of The Madison.

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