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For Horror fans, Zachary Donohues 2013 feature debut den It is often considered one of the subgenre’s scariest films and is considered a pioneer in the screen life storytelling format. Using various computer- and app-based interactions to follow a graduate student targeted by a vicious killer after seeing a murder online, the film masterfully explores the dark sides of paranoia, surveillance, and the Internet. For fans of the genre to dive deeper into these still topical topics, Donohue is now back with Pocket FM “uncomfortably numb”,, A serialized audio thriller surely scratches the itch for fans screaming for more denLike getting cold.

Narrated by robert fleet (“I think he’s done an impeccable job!” Donohue gash), “Uncomfortable Numb” is an audio series that aims to deliver an immersive cinematic experience to the ears, with captivating narration, attentive sound design, and chilling scores. is a mixture of. With six episodes currently available, the story follows Cody, an internet content moderator who believes he has committed a crime against someone he knows while on the job.

This time around, Donohue has a particularly authentic approach to bringing her hero’s story. “since [making The Den]I have worked for various social media companies. I was actually Snapchat’s content moderator […] And another app,” Donohue tells WebMD. “It’s so weird to be able to see all these people’s different lives at once. And I think now we’re with this kind of… mass gathering of material. I think ‘Uncomfortable Numb’ is trying to dig deeper into this network of all this interconnectedness.”

With the rate at which the Web continues to influence the way we communicate, build communities, and share content with others, Donohue also recognizes how the dark side of the Internet has similarly developed in recent years. ,The way the Internet has changed, yes, there is still the fear of the anonymous person, but I think it is… morphing into something even bigger and more insidious., It used to be like, you’re talking about a creep, aren’t you? And now there are places where like… these are all hypocrites. And they’re not even trying to hide, you know?! [laughs] So I think that network, that dark network, is more of what I’m interested in exploring. ,

Despite the unique nature of the novel Pocket FM platform and the unique format of the story, Donohue is excited to explore a different way of telling a genre story. “Many people who would be attracted to [Pocket FM] app can see that there aren’t a lot of genre stuff out there at the moment, but this is the first one. And you know, being the first in anything usually comes with a lot of risks, because right now it’s a trial show. What I’m hoping to do, if I can continue to build the story, is that sort of Hitchcockian setup of the traditional ‘person sees a terrible thing on the internet’ and just go weird and wild from there.

Given the testing nature of the series so far, Donohue expects where the story leaves off in the present, leaving listeners wanting more so that he can fully explore the characters and deep mystery of the story. “I just gave the setup. That’s the first six chapters. […] From here on I want to go deeper with more character intrigue, more paranoia and more plot. Just really build the world. ,

“I love audiobooks and I love podcasts, and I love that it’s kind of a hybrid experience,” Donohue says. ,I like the idea of ​​what we’re doing here… it gives a more cinematic listening experience so it really feels like you’re in the world while listening to it.Donohue was also able to contribute creatively in another way, given the limited budget for the series. “Music really belongs a lot to me. […] I was like, you know what, I’m going to go on GarageBand and make music because I wanted to give it a David Fincher-y, like… Atticus Ross/Trent Reznor-y kind of vibe. But, you know… lo-fi, the poor man’s version [laughs],

It didn’t take us long to get back to the topic of den, especially considering the threads that go further tonight and narratively “uncomfortably numb”. Donohue still fondly remembers the making of the film (“It was one of the best experiences I had because I made it with all my friends.”) and whispers to his fans about possible directions for the sequel. accepts. “Over the years since I’ve made den, I wanted to do a sequel to it. I have so many different ideas, and I really only wanted to do a sequel if it felt fresh enough and it wasn’t exactly the same movie,” he explains. “I basically wanted to take a lot of different ideas that I had den Doing an amalgamation with Sequel and Type [‘Uncomfortably Numb’], It’s not necessary, you know, den 2, It’s a spiritual sequel.”

Although Donohue’s statement might suggest that den Now that’s off the table, fans need not worry. ,I Doing Take den Sequel I want to do, ”he exclusively confirms. “What I’ve been thinking lately is a den […] Follow a little more of what Screen Life movies are doing where we’re all using the apps, because now we know you can! And like, put lots of easter eggs den For those who are fans of it but follow a similar story structure and update it for modern times. ,

Recognizing that the film is still relatively unknown, Donohue expressed thoughts on how he would cater to fans of both the original and potential new fans. He says, “The title of the joke is Den 2: Into the Den-verse, [laughs] But just calling it, like, den… I guess for those in the know, they might be like, ‘Oh shit, this is a den The sequel!’ And for those who don’t know, it’s a creepy, mysterious title that might still be interesting.

A still from Zachary Donohue's 2013 film The Denuu

When asked whether the sequel would retain the footage/screen life approach he found, Donohue referred to franchises that have pivoted tonally or stylistically with their sequels (see: foreign,alien creatures or, more recently, happy death day,happy death day 2U) while Donohue considers den As a more straightforward horror film with elements of the “Woman-in-Peril” subgenre, he says, “I think [with the sequel] I want to do a paranoid thriller – a real conspiracy thriller, which has elements of horror. Isn’t it just a simple horror film?”

Although fans may have to wait a little longer for this. denThe sequel, Donohue, is enjoying a whole lot of leaning into his creative process through multiple outlets. “I’m digging really deep when you’re in college and you have those wild, experimental ideas, but I’m trying to merge that with all that I’ve learned, so hopefully There’s a polish to it, Donohue says with enthusiasm. “If I can’t get another movie off the ground at the moment, I’m going to make something through some other medium and, you know, get people excited about it.” try to do.”

Donohue has recently hit hard in the media to write scripts for “some really cool horror producers” exploring the world. creepypastaand is preparing his next project, a 10-episode YouTube series titled “Stranger” That he wrote and directed for Jackalope Productions. “It’s basically like la jetty (1962) Meets Stranger Things via David Lynch. It’s going to be really weird and scary and I can’t wait for people to see it. […] I think I have a lot of strange tendencies in ‘The Unknown’ which I haven’t been able to do in my script.”

While you wait for his upcoming projects, you can watch the first six chapters of Zachary Donohue’s “Uncomfortably Numb” for free by downloading the Pocket FM app. Here And searching for the series in the “Test Audio Stories” section. You can also watch a brief clip of a chapter below!

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