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Release date, cast, digital rights and satellite rights for Happy Birthday movie on OTT:

Here we are excited to inform you that Happy Birthday movie came on 8th July 2022. Happy Birthday is a crime comedy thriller starring Lavanya Tripathi and directed by Ritesh Rana of Mathu Vadalara. This is Tripathi’s first film centered on a woman, and will hit multiple languages ​​on July 15, 2022. Happy Birthday Movie OTT Release Date, Many people were waiting for this movie. People were very interested in what was happening. We have more news here, which we will share with you in this article, so let’s continue.

Date OTT Movie Happy Birthday Comes Out

Happy Birthday is a 2022 Indian crime comedy told in Telugu language. The film is written and directed by Ritesh Rana. Maitri Movie Makers and Clap Entertainment worked together to make it. Lanya Tripathi, Naresh Agastya, Satya and Venela Kishore all play roles in the film. Happy Birthday is a criminal comedy as it has both action and humor which are trademarks of Ritesh Rana. And this isn’t just another crime movie; He has many more. You are on the right page to know what you need to know about the film, so please read the whole thing.

In Happy Birthday you can listen to Lavanya Tripathi, Naresh Agastya, Satya, Venela Kishore and Gundu Sudarshan. Ritesh Rana is in charge of making this film. Which was shot by Suresh Sarangam, music composed by Kala Bairav ​​and produced by Clap Entertainment and Mythri Movie Makers. Happy Birthday seemed like a soft film, but the director has said that it takes place on an isolated, made-up planet where guns are illegal. You can find out more about the film by scrolling down the page.

Movie Happy Birthday Digital Rights, and Rights for Satellites

The trailer of the film was released by famous Tollywood director SS Rajamouli on 29 June 2022. The trailer of the film is just three minutes long and all the stars are shown in a funny and funny way. The teaser of Happy Birthday came out on 15 July 2022. The plot of this film is very good, and it is also very interesting and fun to watch. This is the best OTT movie ever, as we can watch it on OTT platform. Here, we have given you all the information that we had. Keep an eye out for more news.

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