Janhvi Kapoor is worried Alia Bhatt will file restraining order against her

Janhvi Kapoor says she is ready to do anything for a chance to work with Alia Bhatt. Janhvi hailed herself as Alia’s biggest fan, and shared how she falls for the actor every time her trailer or film comes out. Janhvi reveals that she fears that she will make Alia start fearing her and prompt the actor to file a restraining order. Read also| Janhvi Kapoor talks about ex Ishaan Khatter, what she wrote to him recently

Jhanvi and Alia are busy promoting their upcoming films these days. Janhvi will be seen in Good Luck Jerry, which is slated to release on Disney+ Hotstar on July 29. Alia Bhatt’s Darlings, which marks her debut as a producer, will start streaming on Netflix on August 5.

In a recent interview during the promotions of Good Luck Jerry, Janhvi talked about her admiration for Alia as she replied whether they would be seen in a film together. Janhvi told Sidharth Kannan, “I will kill anyone, kill everyone for doing a film with Alia Bhatt. I am definitely her biggest fan. In fact, I follow her. I don’t chase her but Like every time his trailer or his movie comes out, I get really hyper and excited. Because I love him so much. And I don’t know how inconsistent my text messages are for his voice. Like when someone older Types in letters, so it doesn’t look like they’re screaming? So all my messages to him are like caps lock.”

The actor added, “And I’m afraid, I’m very worried that she’s going to file a restraining order. Because they’re all ‘Oh my god. What the hell. Are you okay? It’s not okay. I can’ ‘T Breathe!!!’ I’m very aggressive on messages with her. If I show you my conversations it’s just like yelling, and she’s like ‘thanks babu’. I think she’s scared of me.”

In Good Luck Jerry, Janhvi Kapoor will be seen as a woman from Bihar who becomes a drug dealer in Punjab to take care of her ailing mother. The black comedy crime film directed by Siddharth Sengupta is a remake of the 2018 Tamil film Kolamavu Kokila.

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