Mulgi Zali Ho’s Divya Subhash plans to get engaged in October

The Mulgi Zali Ho actor spoke to us about her wedding plans and revealed that she exchanges rings with her boyfriend Akshay Gharat in October.

Actress Divya Subhash had an intimate tilak ceremony with her boyfriend Akshay Gharat in December last year. Since then, the question of when she will get married did not leave her behind.

When asked if she is planning to tie the knot with Gharat, she replied, “All I can say is that because of the shoots, I have a very busy schedule.” Talking about her partner’s understanding, she says, “He says work comes first, marriage will happen. We are planning to announce the date, but it is not fixed. (Hopefully) we will fix it soon.

Although mulgi zali ho The actor revealed that she plans to exchange rings with Gharat by November. “I plan to get engaged in October or November. We haven’t set a date yet,” she says.

Interestingly, while talking to us about the wedding, Subhash is shooting for a track in his Marathi daily soap, which revolves around Mangala Gaur, the obligatory festival for newlyweds. “I am dressed as a newly wed girl, wearing a Nauvari sari,” she quips.

It is the very daily soap that keeps him occupied. “I have certain contracts, rules and regulations when we are shooting. Until the show is over (I can’t get married). I am thinking about it, but I am not able to finalize the dates. They won’t give us such a long break, because I am the chief. And if it’s my wedding, I’m going to need a big break. My executive producers often tell me that if you want to get married then do it after the show is over, or else our pat pe laat aa jaygi,” concluded the 26-year-old.

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