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Inspector General of Police Usman Baba has ordered the arrest and speedy prosecution of filmmakers, skit makers and others found using police uniform without proper permission.

Bollywood actor and film producer in NPF uniform, Odunlade

In a declaration signed by Power Public Relations Officer, Olumoyawa Adejobi, Baba lashed out at filmmakers and skit makers for portraying the police installation of his films and skits without the availability of Part 251 and Part 133 of the Legal Code Act. Penal Code regulation that criminalizes such unauthorized use.

skit makers in police uniform

The SHO said that all the instructions and formations including IGP Monitoring Unit, Provost Marshal and X-Squad have been directed to arrest all the persons involved in illegal sale of police uniforms and goods under their jurisdiction and immediately prosecute them. ,

“Due to the fact, the IGP charged all instructions and formations, the IGP Monitoring Unit, Provost Marshals and X-Squad to arrest and immediately prosecute in accordance with the law, all persons or teams of persons participated illegally. Gross sale of police uniforms and accessories within their jurisdiction, while film or skit makers which portray Nigeria Police Power Officers in a foul manner, without use, and duly issued a permit for such depiction To avoid quick effect or face the full wrath of the law,” reads an element of the assertion.

Baba further revealed that the Electricity Public Relations Officer has been entrusted with the duty of making some immediate authority for all purposes to approve the use of police equipment in films in line with the extant legal guidelines.

He mentioned that the right regulation would portray good values, present police officers with fashionable reforms to proactively perform policing duties, and could make them equally on-screen status fashion that would enhance their lives and professions. and consequently improve the security system in Nigeria.

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