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The title says everything about the mood on the Mumtaz front today, as her husband Mayur Madhvani is hosting a lavish lunch in Uganda for his lovely wife as you are reading this. Except son-in-law Fardeen Khan, Mumtaz’s entire family is out including her daughters Natasha and Tanya and their children. You’ll find out why Fardeen isn’t among them and what’s going on there, as you read our interview with Mumtaz below, which was done just as she was about to welcome the guests.

Here’s what we talked about:

First of all wish you a very happy birthday…

Thanks a lot.

Has everyone in the family attended the festivities?

Yes. But we are missing Fardeen.

Why is Fardeen not there?

He is shooting for ‘Hiramandi’ (Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web show for which incidentally Mumtaz has also been offered a plum part).

so where are you now?

I am in Uganda. Four days later I will go to my home in Nairobi. From there, after a few days, I fly to London.

How are you all celebrating?

My husband Mayur has organized a big lunch. Some guests are also expected to come. While I am talking to you, it is 11.40 in the morning in Uganda. It all starts at 1 pm. It will last for a long time.

What gift has the peacock given to you?

He has given me practically everything in life. But if you are asking about today’s birthday then he has gifted me the latest model of Mercedes. Also jewellery.

You love jewelry, don’t you?

Yes, but can’t wear it nowadays. The world is not a safe place.

How did birthday morning begin?

My grandchildren did a kiss on me. It is a great feeling to be around so many family members and friends.

Are you a strict grandparent?

I used to be a strict parent but now I tell my daughters to correct my kids.

Sounds good. Many parents today let things go and say ‘times have changed’…

Times have changed, so what happened? That doesn’t mean you don’t teach kids the basics of life. Hope this misconception will be rectified soon.

How do you feel at 75?

I am 18 years old. I still dance. I still exercise about 90 minutes every day.

What do you wish on your birthday today?

That my grandchildren work very hard in life and grow up as good persons.

Do you remember your birthday on set?

Of course I; Cake was called every time and everyone was happy. But during my entire career I was so busy celebrating Door Ki Baat, I didn’t get time to watch some of my released films.

When are you coming back to India?

Let the rain end. Maybe in October.


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