NCPCR’s new guidelines for child artistes ‘are too strict and need to be challenged’ say film industry experts – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has drafted a new set of guidelines for children working in the entertainment industry and asked stakeholders to give their feedback. The draft has received mixed reactions. ETimes spoke to Producers Guild of India CEO Nitin Tej Ahuja, who said, “The issue of child rights and protection is of paramount importance to our members. We have sent a comprehensive representation to NCPCR on the draft guidelines in which we have taken them up with them. through the practical feasibility of implementing certain guidelines. It is also important to note that many of the key concerns highlighted in the guidelines have already been addressed and regulated by several existing laws.”

A senior producer in the television industry said on condition of anonymity that the guidelines are very strict and need to be challenged. Another senior member of the producers’ body echoed and said that there are some proposals which are very unfair. “There is a proposal which states that if you need to replace one child on the set or want to use more children after the release of the list, have to re-register with the district magistrate to stop the entire shoot. Also, sometimes a shoot may completely change location and if it is a new district then the whole process will have to be redone.”

Another impractical requirement is a medical certificate from the entire unit if a child is involved in a shooting. “There is another proposal that a medical certificate is to be given to all the people who came in contact with the children and this has to be done for police verification. Considering the large number of people on the sets, this would be a very time-consuming and costly exercise. And if there is any last minute change in the crew then it will have to go for a toss, which is very common,” said a senior member of the producer’s body.


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