Rakhi Sawant says Ranveer Singh has done a favour to Indian women by posing nude

Rakhi Sawant is not only in support of Ranveer Singh’s recent nude photoshoot but also wants him to keep posing for such pictures. Rakhi also said that her ‘dear friend’ Ranveer has done women in India a favor by getting naked in his latest pictures. Ranveer recently posed nude in a photoshoot for Paper magazine, for which he got the support of many celebrities despite facing several FIRs. Read also| Vidya Balan on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot: ‘Let us also see eyes’

Rakhi Sawant, who was recently in Dubai to attend the Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films with her boyfriend Adil Khan, shared a video on her Instagram account about Ranveer Singh after returning to Mumbai.

In the video that Rakhi shared on Saturday, Rakhi said, “I have just returned from Dubai and am still listening to Ranveer’s nude photos from everyone. So many girls pose nude in front of the camera. If a Ranveer has come nude. So have mercy on the girls of the country. Hamari aankh mein, dil mein… itna shanti hui hai… (Ranveer has done the girls of this country a favor by posing nude in front of the camera. We have felt peace in our eyes, in our hearts).”

Rakhi further said, “Wow, he looks so handsome. Where are you my dear friend Ranveer, you keep doing such photoshoots, I want to see you like this.”

Earlier, Vidya Balan had given a similar response when she was asked about Ranveer’s nude photoshoot. He told the media, hey what is the problem? For the first time a man is doing this, hum logo bhi aankhon sekhne diye na (What’s the problem. A man is doing it for the first time, let us also enjoy it).”

While Ranveer is getting the support of his colleagues in the entertainment industry, several FIRs have been filed against him in connection with the photoshoot. The actor is yet to react to the response he has received for his nude pictures.


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